Just for a little fun I thought I’d respond to Killer’s list of problems…I agreed on a few.

1. lack of infantry-class Plasma guns in 2018. (14 years after)

We don’t know when in the timeline Plasma Weapons would’ve been made available to Skynet infantry. What one needs to remember is that the war hits in 2004. We and the Machines don’t do a hell of a lot until 2014 or so according to comics, and nuclear fallout studies (in reality). (Especially newer ones).

The odds are Skynet wouldstill be using them for the time being on larger units only, as we can tell they are still extremely powerful and not minaturized. This of course also doesn’t account for the fact that humans and machines are going to be constantly fighting to restrict tech growth/survival.
2. the idiotic Harleynator Motorbikes.

The Mototerminators were designed to harass and take out human transports to stop escape along paved roads. Odds are they also have speacilty ones for offroad since we know they have units specifically designed for snow (See Cold War). I’d say they and those crappy T-600’s you hate did a very good job of cleaning out L.A. And they did a good enough job of harassing the Tow Truck to enable the Transport and Harcester to catch up…and the Aerial H/K to engage and destroy it. Job well done.

3. the even more stupid Transforminator man catchers.

Designed to intimidate and snatch and load people into Transports, with the ability to take out vehicles full of humans trying to escape. I’d say they covered that quite well. It even makes a fantastic otherwordly sound like the Tripods from War of the Worlds which would put the fear in me that’s for sure. I’m sure you’d have loved those in the 2006 draft…then again you’d probably have found them boring.

4. Fighting in Daylight. (Not gonna happen when absent ozone lets raw UltraViolet rays to melt off your skin under 15 minutes exposure at noon.)

While I’ll give you that, the odds are very slim of humans surviving a Nuclear War (even a limited one) without any killer machines anywhere. Sometimes you have to let a SCIENCE FICTION series be SCIENCE FICTION.

5. the idiotic 8ft Tall T600 “infiltrators”. Especially ones that sound like they are steam powered and so utterly clumsy as is shown.

I can only remember one T-600 being show to be clumsy and for the record NONE were steam powered. The one that was clumsy had just had his targeting disabled. And once again my wonderful sparring partner…this isn’t Cameron’s future, we were warned everything would be bigger anf grimer and I LOVED that.

6. Modern Day Military supplies, 14 years after production spares went to zero.

If you’re careful…stockpile and cache your weaponry you’ll have the things you need too. Especially when the war probably didn’t get rolling until 2014 at the earliest.

7. John Connor as a Strategic and Tactical Moron. Starting with: You don’t get off a helicopter and just stand there for a glory shot. It can’t go until you clear. You are a part of it’s target signature until you get away from it.

I would agree with you except that everyone knew they wouldn’t have the guts to kill off Connor that early. And if all the nearby threats had been taken care of…as it seems they had for now…there was no issue.

And ending with the whole: ‘I know, let’s go rescue him!’ subplot. Heroes should be as ruthless as their enemies make them be. They should not increase the likelihood of human casualties by undertaking stupid risks.

Alright I’m all for leavhing Kyle myself. I have no issue with that at all…however I think most of the other Terminator fans would. John is human, humans make assumptions, his assumption is that Kyle MUST live. He feels that Kyle HAS TO be alive, these sort of things are intuitive for relatives. There was NO WAY that Connor was going to not go into Skynet even if he had half a thought that Kyle was unimportant.

8. Hybrids that were more advanced than the T800s. Yet were developed 14 years ago from the poisoned corpse of a deathrow prisoner.

Oh alright…and yet we can accept a T-1000 which is in essence a MUCH MORE sophisticated machine made out of Gazillions of tiny little Robots. Both of us can once again use…it’s Science Fiction.

9. Any Terminator that actually got their fully-functional hands on a human’s bare flesh without killing or badly injuring them in seconds is not worthy of the title.

Couldn’t agree more…I want both Connor and Kyle Dead. They should be dead. If they had any guts at all…they would be. 

10. A dry, empty, desert scenario without any visual appeal at all.

Which ironically enough is EXACTLY how the state of California would look after a Nuclear War. (Hell it’s like the state would look if people stopped watering their lawns.)

11. Secondary Characters that had no value to the story but were there to fill out a racial quota political agenda.

Oh they had value…pity most of it was lost to the editors bay.

12. Permed up hairdos and brilliant white teeth out of a shampoo commercial.


13. Miniguns idiocy on everything (Miniguns consume 50-100rds/sec, NOT what you want to be feeding when you no longer have an advanced industrial supply base to rely on).

Hmmm could that be why they don’t use them much…also Skynet can build reloads. (Yeah I used a term from WATERWORLD…sue me.)

14. Human Ergonomics in Skynet without underlying cause or reason as absolutely NO SIGN of how all things like the automated construction line came to be built to begin with.

Um hello…the cutting room floor. Not to mention that Skynet was putting old Human factories to use.

Seriously Killer4055 do you have no imagination whatsoever.

I’m Done.

Ross Out.