Oh yeah, here comes another issue of multiple release itis.

The difference being that we KNOW in advance that they’re going to release at least two versions of Avatar on DVD/Blu-Ray.

The first you can shell out your impressive ammount of moolah on hits on Earth Day…wow who’d a thunk it huh. I am certainly not shocked. If this wasn’t a heavy handed hint for those who didn’t get the enviornmental slant of the film I don’t know what is.*

Did I mention that this is bare bones…it doesn’t even have motion menus or logos…or previews. And it certainly doesn’t have extras.

Nah we wouldn’t want to put some on a second disc we’ll just rip you puny mortals off later with the second or third releases hit.

Why do I say a possible third release…the following quote should help.

Later on, in November, a multi-disc special edition Blu-ray will be coming along. According to Fox’s statement, this will not be the eventual 3D release (and, according to inside voices, the chances of Fox getting a satisfactory 3D Avatar disc ready by then are looking quite slim).

Read more: Avatar DVD and Blu-ray Plans Officially Announced | /Film http://www.slashfilm.com/2010/03/16/avatar-dvd-and-blu-ray-plans-officially-announced/#ixzz0iNpNREVO

Thanks to Slashfilm at the above link.

That’s right a third release sometime NEXT YEAR will have to do for those wanting the 3-D experience over again.

Ross Out