Well new out of Showest is that Warner Bros is in fact going to make a fifth Final Destination Movie.

Oi Vey!

For a title I vote for Final Destination: Deathsville 5-D .

Oh me oh my I’m both worried and excited. I gave you my prior thoughts on what’s wrong with the series here.

However I’ll just reiterate a few key points here, in order for a 5th film to work they need to at least do the following:

1: Give us people we actually are nudged into believing are actual people. (Unlike Part 4)
2: For instance give them…oh I don’t know…jobs, personalities, lives.
3: Add something new. (Events that lead to to revelations that they’re premonitions- followed by those same events again) is not new.
4: Stop staging deaths in hospitals. (The one in Part 2 was bad enough…the one in Part 4 made it the one in Part 2 look like it followed all laws of hospital ettiqute.)
5: Give us and opposing force to Death. (Why not?)
6: Actually write a script not a series of nonsensical events. (1-3 had at least decent enough scripts 4 on the other hand…not even close.)
7: Give us much better deaths.
8: Surprise us by…having death actually fail. (At least some of the time. See point 5.)

Oh boy should this be interesting.

*= Until we change our minds later.

Ross Out