Original story: Airlock Alpha’s story

During filming of the climactic destruction going on at Hogwarts during the series finale and it’s massive battle between good and evil, pyrotechnics went off with surprising and unexpected intensity. Cameras were rolling when the devices meant to simulate the explosive destruction of parts of Hogwarts went off with a large flming boom much more powerful than expected. Actors were on set at the time but no one was injured, no details are available so far on how extensively the Hogwarts sets were damaged but apparently the ensuings fires raged out of control for at least some time.

The fires raged for nearly 3/4ths of an hour before everything was brought back under control and the fires were put out.

W.B. said filming was going ahead as scheduled, and none of the leads were involved with shhoting during the time of the disaster.

The pyrotechnicians are understandably upset. Such professionals take great pride in their work because it is so dangerous, they have the lives of all actors, not to mention everyone else involved in such scenes in their hands. And while this sort of accident should not happen soemtimes they do, that’s part of what makes movie making so dangerous. Especially working with pyro.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all involved especially the Pyro technicians as I’m sure they could do with the comfort such things would bring.

I also pray for a safe remainder of production and filming for all involved.

Ross Out.