Odds are Yes yes…and Yes.

In fact the Godzilla news is as confirmed as humanly possible and it seems that Legendary Pictures along with Warner Brothers are going to co-produce this Godzilla reboot that’ll be smashing up some major landmarks in 3-D (one would think.)

More details to come on this film which is planned for a 2012 release.

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Oh ho…but that’s not all it’s not only Warner Brothers that’s rolling in cash up to their earlobes it’s Fox. And now it seems that with the windfall of Avatar comes an awakening of a franchise that many have been certain would at some point in time continue.


That’s right there’s been rumblings for quite a while.

The original made $817,400,891 in worldwide box office back in the day…and you can bet it passed a Billion with DVD and VHS.

Nothing’s confirmed by the folks at iesb but it appears that Will Smith is locked in for One…or possibly two sequeles which would be shot back to back. He would start working on the ID4 sequel after his upcoming project which is either going to be; The City that Sailed or MIB3.

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