Well it must be said that a reboot of the series was pretty much guaranteed since Terminator Salvation was such a soul crushing disappointment. But I’m asking myself right now if they haven’t gone too far.

Let me just say that I didn’t want to rush to publish on this story so I’ve been talking to contacts over the past few days and much to my surprise everyone seems to be in agreement. I suppose I should start with the things that stay tried and true to formula.

Skynet is still around.

Terminators are still around.

The Connors are still around.

The Future War is our friend.

Death and Violence are still around but everything else has changed dramatically.

Before I go any further I’m going to coin a phrase were all going to have to get used to: Termi-noir.
You see this isn’t going to be your expected Terminator film.

“We’re going to turn Terminator on its head in a good way. It will still be filled with brutal action and violence, this will be R rated. All those who felt T1 and T2 were hard R are going to be crying for their mommies.”

The first departure is that it will be set in the 1930’s as well as the 2030’s. In the present (past) sections of the film it will play out as a Murder/Mystery Noir Thriller. While in the future John Connor will be a Hard Boiled and grizzled vet sharing an inner monologue blast through battles in the Future War.

“Think of it is a fusion of Classic Noir mixed with Future War with a true Max Payne like twist. And to be clear I mean the type of narration found in the games not that shitty abortion of a film. More along the likes of what Payne and Redemption Team are cooking up.”

To create a unique look and style for the film (which is in early planning stages) discussions are flying around about shooting in both black and white and color.

(I would suspect that they’ll just shoot the damned thing in color and using digital magic remove the color from the black and white scenes.)

“The main idea is to tell a origin story, and a conclusion story in one film, while, of course leaving an opening for a sequel if it does well.”

Of course this is early going, but I’m kinda digging things. A hardboiled Terminator film, personally I have no problems with that at all.

Ross Out.