I really like that title…Dead Man Stalking has an appropriate level of badassery to it I’d say.

I’ll simply quote this from the article I’ll link to at the end of this short bit:

Let’s rewind for a moment and get back to the start of this story: when we see Riddick at the beginning of Dead Man Stalking he’s a bloody battered mess, crawling for his life on the baked floor of an alien world. The predators native to this planet are circling in and waiting for death to come so they can feed at Riddick’s corpse — but he won’t let them. Riddick realizes here that he’s got to let what happened to him in Pitch Black and Chronicles go if he’s to survive the next ten seconds, let alone get off this forsaken pit of hell.

Yeah that sounds like a perfect way for Riddick to get back into character, and judging by the story linked at the bottom of this post it’s back to Badass all round.

Beware…if you follow the link they’ll be spoilers.

Get spoiled by Badassery here. Thanks to Corona Coming Attractions.

Ross Out