MIB3LogoPic (Image from /film)

That’s right Will Smith has finally made up his mind about what his next project is going to be and it’s going to be MIB 3D!

Smith is signed and apparently Tommy Lee Jones is good as signed if not…and director Barry Sonnenfeld is back as well.

The Original MIB back in 1997 worked really well for me, really damned well. MIB2 was while not as good did feature some moments which on rare occasions were more moving than the original.

As for the idea of shooting the new MIB in 3D I think this is one case where the idea will fit perfectly. I cannot wait to be blasted by goo…and be deneuralyzed a few times.

Anyhoo here’s the original story… Showbiz411

Wait…what do you mean look at the red light, it’ll flash?

There’s a sizzling sound and an incredibly bright light flashes.

Man in Black: This post is to be entirely disregarded. It was a reflection of the moon, of venus, of chromatic particles along the planets inclination of rotation.

Good day citizen.