For those of you that follow this blog you just have to look back a litte in the films catergory in the top listing of subjects to find out about my love/hate relationship with the Final Destination film series. That said this will be number 5 and I’ve perfered the first and third so my fingers are crossed.

One of my major gripes about the 2nd and 4th was the screenwriting, especially in the 4th where the screenwriters seemed to come up with the kills (which were mostly incompetent and not exciting) and built the flimsiest of stories around them. Now I have a reason to be acutiously optimistic as a new writer to the series has been hired and his name is Eric Heisserer. What has Eric done recently in the screenwriting business find out more and a possible Even Finaler Destination spoiler after the break.


His latest projects were the prequel to The Thing and the remake of A nightmare on Elm Street. So soon enough we’ll know whether he has writing chops, though of course with the ANoES remake script in hand he has written recent horror.

Though the plot is being kept under wraps apparently one of the scenes features a character undergoing laser eye surgery.

Having had laser eyes surgery done on myself it will be very interesting to see just how they make that one I’m assuming bloody and violent.

New Line is currently putting a list of directors together and the plan is to release Finaler Destination next summer in 3-D.

For the record FD4 made more than 66 Million stateside and over 115 million overseas…please don’t ask me how.

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* Even Finaler Destination is (I Hope) not the title, it is unsurprising that they’re going the 3-D route I just hope it doesn’t look like FD4 which seemed like half of it was filmed in a SFX suite of programs on a computer.