Let’s see the last thing we heard was that Sony/Lionsgate were in talks with Pacificor LLC..we now know that those talks led to absolutely nothing.

What we do know is that Pacificor LLC has turned to William Morris Endeavor (WME) to represent the company in the sale of all rights to the franchise.

What exactly is going to be included as part of the deal? The use of the property for film, television, merchandise and multiplayer online games.

On top of that, WME has been retained to assist in selecting and retaining key talent for the next sequel in the “Terminator” series.

“‘Terminator’ is one of the most recognized global brands in entertainment, and will continue to excite new generations of fans,” WME Chief Executive Ari Emanuel said. “We look forward to teaming with Pacificor to fully realize the value of this enduring property.”

What this means is that sometime in the future there will be another film, not to mention other Terminator ventures.

The only question is who will be behind the franchise that absolutely, positively, will not stop.

Original Article: What an awesome site name!

Quite ironic too as far as some fans of the Terminator series would argue!

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