This just in the 2nd Unit Director for many of James Camerons films has landed the role of director for Final Destination 5. And for once that makes me pretty bloody 😉 excited.

Steven Quale who has worked as 2nd Unit Director for Cameron on such busters of blocks as Titanic and the recent Avatar is going to be taking over full on directing duties.

Why am I so excited about this? While I abhored numbers 2 and 4 numbers 1 and 3 were great stuff, from a directorial standpoint a 2nd Unit Director does Pick up and scenery shots, usually not featuring the main actors. They also can be behind most of the stunt centric work. That said I’m hoping that Steve brings all of his skills to the game and I wish him the best of luck in directing FD5.

Fox hired Skip woods writer of Hitman and X-Men Origins: Wolverine to write the latest Die Hard flick…now apparently it has a provisional title of Die Hard 24/7.

Way back in Spetember Fox brought in Michael Green who wrote Green Lantern to work on the reboot of the Fantastic 4 (which I really enjoyed both the original and Rise of the Silver Surfer). Now we have an early title for the reboot of the series and it is…Fantastic Four Reborn.

While not brilliant titles they do work for the time being and I can’t wait to see these films develop either. Though the way things are going around the world I sometimes wonder if we’ll see the next load of blockbusters or not, seems like Jesus will be coming soon.

We’ll see.

Ross Out