They’ll Be Back

If there’s one thing we’ve always been certain of in the Terminator universe it’s that the future is not set, there is no fate but that which we make for ourselves.

Case in point some SCC fans at the Starfury Convention in London last weekend asked BAG about a continuation of the series after Dekker had told them he knew more details. After the break find out what BAG revealed…

1: All of the actors are ready and willing to jump back into any continuation, though Lena is currently pregnant at the moment.

2: They’re pushing to involve Josh Friedman in the writing, but if he is unavailable they’re planning to bring in Zach Stenz (and possibly Ashley Miller) and the writers from “Goodbye To All That” to work on it instead.

3: James Middleton is in partnership with someone (unnamed) and they’re working together to broker a deal for the future.

4: A series isn’t quite what they’re aiming for. A DVD movie or even a proper film is their goal.

5: The movie will continue the story exactly how it was supposed to, but they hope that if it’s successful they can create a sequel to take it up a notch.

6: When asked if fans could donate towards the project, Brian stated that this would be unnecessary as funding is available.

This of course leaves us where we’ve been for a while but adds the silver lining that all we’re really waiting for is the usual red tape to be cleared.

To put it clearly: SCC will be getting its continuation it’
s simply a matter of when.

Information found…here: Click for SCC wiki
Ross Out.