You know I’m almost beyond words Final Destination Deathrap 5-D would be better.

I know we’re supposed to go olong with the gameplan and say…erm…Fivenal but that isn’t a word. People have been seeing a naughty title since this news broke earlier today, I mean this title is truly a bunch of ass.

SPOILERS on the OPENING SCENE after the break!

That said setting the opening disaster on a suspension bridge is certainly a step in the right direction. There’s the fear of being trapped on a roadway suspended by cables over a long drop. Potentially this drop is over water (fear of drowning) or rocky ground (fear of crushing and intense pain). On the flipside what the writer needs to remember is that Suspension Bridges are actually very robust, so it’ll take a lot of creative destruction to feasibly get one to fall.

Right now though I’m suffering from fear of pathetic Titles.

Ross Out