Well I finally have some Terminator news to report if it ever ammounts to anything however we’ll have to wait to find out.

As usual it involves rights and a new film…this time of the 3D Computer animated variety.

The title of the proposed animated Terminator film is Terminator 3000.

The future war is shaping up between Hanover House, a division of Target Development Group that distributes specialty films and DVDs who recently announced the Terminator 3000 project and Pacificor, the company that owns the rights to the Terminator franchise, returned fire with a cease and desist letter in response to a press release which had been released by Hanover House which detailed plans to develop Terminator 3000, a $70 million animated film in conjunction with Vancouver-based Red Bear Entertainment.

Parkinson, who once headed the home video division of Hemdale (maker of the original Terminator) said he has certain proprietary rights allowing him to make the film.

Could this whole thing hinge on what is construed by an animated film?

Check out the full story here with an update: Deadline Hollywood

It seems like such an idea could be beneficial all around to the companies involved but we’ll have to wait and see. Unlike sites reporting this project as D.O.A. I’d say that the odds of something like this getting the eventual go ahead is good.

It could even concieveably be turned into a bridge towards future live action sequels.

Ross Out