The Terminator (soundtrack)

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“It’s very sad,” says Hurd of the franchise’s recent history. “You feel like you gave birth to something and it’s been adopted and those adoptions haven’t worked out. Of course I’d be interested in doing another one. I’d love it.”

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While I think that T3 and to a Greater extent Salvation certainly fit the bleak Terminator future I’d come to know and love I can certainly understand those who felt that they cheapened the franchise. Gale Anne Hurd has every reason to hold the opinions she does and as a Termiantor fan I applaud her for her stance on the franchise.

I certainly would see a Terminator 5 with or without Gale Anne Hurd behind the scenes (as long as it hits before the Rapture)- how about you are you up for a 5th Terminator film? Does it matter who is behind it?

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