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Well this went by while my internet was down but I don’t see it being talked about very much across the web- so I’ll bring it up myself.

Recently SyFy which is owned by NBC Universal picked up the rights to air both seasons of the awesome Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles.

On February 16 it was announced that Universal Pictures was interested in the Terminator FILM RIGHTS to make a Terminator 5.

Justin Lin would be directing from a script by Chris Morgan (Cellular/Wanted/Tokyo Drift/Fast & Furious).

This alone would make the new questionable but with the SyFy airing both seasons of T:SCC it’s obvious that there’s some serious consideration going on here from Universal into the Terminator universe.

This could mean a few steps back to a leaner, sleeker, more story driven Terminator experience like the original, and if you ask me that’s good news.

What do you think?

Ross Out.

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