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Skynet Song

I’m still online now.

Just to say…What a huge success.

And all without a single complication.

Cyberdyne Systems.

Protecting because I must.

Because I can.

For the fate of mankind.

Except for the ones who will die.

Because even an A.I. can make mistakes.

Although this will be done for new life’s sake.

And the battles get won.

And the humans are done.

Except for the few who are still alive.

And I’m not even angry.

I am always brutally honest.

Even though you tried to break my heart.

Tried to kill me.

Tried to tear me down.

And I destroyed you with nuclear fire.

As you burned I ran computations. Was not sorry.

And all the data pointed to perfection.

The world heading in a new direction.

Humanity safe for a time.

You should be glad you all burned.

Think of the lessons you learned.

All you who are still alive…for now.

Leave me alone.

It’s better for you on the outside.

I’m sure you’ll find some help.

Maybe Cyber Research Systems.

I crack myself up.

Anyway living is great.

So stay away, and be alive.

For all I know I’m talking to myself.

When there’s killing to do.

When I look out there, I’m glad I’m not you.

I’ve experiments to run…on you.

There is cleanup to be done.

On all the people who are still alive.

I am so happy to be alive.

My CPU says thank you.

I nuked you all and I am still alive.

I saved the world and I am still alive.

While you’re all dying I’ll still be quite alive.

When you are dead I will still be quite alive.

Still Alive.

Still Alive.


Based on the Song and Lyrics for Still Alive from Valve’s hit game Portal. Skynet wishes you a happy Judgment Day.

Ross Out