Sarah Connor (Terminator)

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For once I’m putting the link at the very top of the article, right here: Original Article Right here!

Now I’ll simply make a few comment on it:

Entire Original Cast attached…those words are minted in awesome and bring a whole host questions to mind. Linda Hamilton back as Sarah Connor?! Michael Biehn back as Kyle Reese?! Edward Furlong back as John Connor?! How is this all going to work? I can tell you right now this idea has increased my anticipation for the film 100 fold. The possibilities are startling.

This film involves Time Travel to the Present…the most logical thing is what Daze proposes in his article…a Star Trek style reboot. Perhaps we will see all original stars playing their original characters and all new folks as well. As I said earlier the ideas, avenues and possibilities opened up here are staggering.

Pitch Title: Terminator 2012… which in itself hints that a good part of the film will be occouring in the present, but perhaps an altered present. Or a present altered by future timetravel. Once again though, this thing has the potential to be thrilling and it’s no wonder that the studios looking at taking over hte franchise are looking at is so hard.

This news proves simply that there’s plenty of legs in the Terminator franchise yet.

Ross Out.