The remake of Judge Dredd is on the way…yes that horrible rendition with Sly starring as the title character is getting the remake treatment praise the movie gods. Titled DREDD the film has no U.S. release yet…and not trailer yet, but based heavily on the comics and with a script by Alex Garland (28 Days Later) expect those problems to be rectified. We wil be following Dredd news as it comes out because though I never read the Dredd comics I really dug the idea of the character, and I think having Karl Urban as Dredd and a stipulation in the contract that the helmet not be removed like happened in the last film bode well.

Oh yeah one more thing bodes well, the big bad…LENA HEADEY of SCC fame, so we’ll…or I’ll be keeping up to date with news and looking for more pictures and trailers in the future. Especially shots of Miss Headey.

For now here’s an official picture of Karl Urban as Judge Dredd!

Urban as Dredd

Yes I know my helmet looks always does.

Look for more Dredd news in the future here at Ruminations of RossBondReturns.

Ross Out.