When I found Duwende (Doo-WEN-day) on youtube recently I fell in love with this talented group of 6 fantastic musicians.

They are:

J. Aaron Boykin:  Baritone Tenor (Lead in Thriller)

Derrick L. Hicks: Tenor (Background/Supporting Vocals Sporting the styling Goatee)

Abbey Jones: Soprano (Background/Supporting Vocals/One Awesome Lady)

Neal Mortimer:  Tenor (Background/Supporting Vocals)

Edward Chung: Vocal Percussion (Vocal Percussion)

Ari Picker: BASS (Bass and then Some)

I had a very hard time choosing which of their covers to chose but I went with Thriller in the end because well I am a huge fan of Thriller and I think they just killed it! I’m eagerly awaiting their next Michael Jackson Cover or whatever originals they crank out next. It is possible to get their Award Winning album The Collective for free and it is totally worth it.

They’re my morning listen.

Duwende you Guys and Gal keep on keepin on I’ll be there.