Terminator 3

Image by twm1340 via Flickr

So what exactly is the Digital Restoration Project?

Let’s just say that I’ve been going through some boxes full of old stuff and finding old pictures, and drawing books full of old art from multiple unfinished projects.

So I decided to take digital pictures of all these things because I don’t have access to a scanner and I’m going to be sharing them with you all through the Digital Restoration Project.

You’ll be seeing a LOT of photos of Terminator 3 stand-ins, and some truly awesome shots of me from the very day Terminator 3 premiered in theaters- including the only shots of me in character as John Connor…scar and all!

There will also be concept art from my original T3 Fanscript T3: Final Retribution, Deep Pulse, Jurassic Park: New Dawn and even more!

So get ready for a blast from the past…and a look into the future!

Ross Out