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I am a huge Jurassic Park fan and I have been since I read the original way back when, was it really 1994 I honestly can’t remember when I first read it….I’ve enjoyed the films to differing degrees as well. The original Jurassic Park film was brilliant, The Lost World: Jurassic Park  much less so, and JP3 was a step back in the right direction IMHO.

Not long after JP3 I began to explore ideas for a further sequel and as a huge fan of the series I had to choose a story line that would do justice to the series in its entirety. There was a lot of back story in the books that was simply not touched and left to rot, like the majority of the Lost World novel, you have the rival biogenetics company BioSyn, you have a host of interesting characters and scenarios that could easily be explored to great effect. In effect there was a lot more to mine and build on to make a sequel that was fitting to the original.

In this first post for the Digital Restoration Project I’m going to share with you old art, and the story ideas behind my sequel idea for Jurassic Park 4…which I titled Jurassic Park: New Dawn.

I suppose I’ll share my full color logo first and explain what was included and how it pertains to the overall story arc.

Jurassic Park: New Dawn Logo

The logo itself reveals a good number of hints to the general plot line of the story I’ll list them from top to bottom.

  1. The two sided tree. One side a Palm Tree (representing Site B) The other a Coniferous Tree (Representing the Type of Forests found in the Pacific North West).
  2. The coloration in the background to signify a sunrise.
  3. Title Card backed by Green. The title New Dawn is representative of the whole through line of the story, a new dawn of a new dinosaur era. The green once again representative of the lush forests of the Pacific N.W.
  4. Silhouette of the new featured dinosaur. In this case a Kronosaur.


As I’ve said in other posts about screenwriting the first ten minutes called “Pipe” or “the Pipe” need to draw the reader of the script into your story quickly, especially if you are writing a speculative script. The Speculative script or Spec script is a script written on something you love but without being asked to do it, you then send it in with the proper documentation and hope for the best.

Those who know me and are my proofreaders through the internet (God Bless you all) know that I am exceedingly picky about my Pipe and my Conclusions. Those who actually got to read the 40 odd pages of JP:ND I actually finished to my satisfaction know that I was too perfectionistic for my own good, in other words I might just return to this world and knock the full script out. That said I will tell you about the prologue and a few other scenes which I drew art for.

I chose after much deliberation and online conversation to start with the Barbosol Can full of Dennis Nedry‘s stolen embryo’s.

This of course brought in various logistical problems, there’s the fact that it’s buried in muck, someone would have to brave a massive tropical storm, the coolant inside only lasts for a finite amount of time.

But if Biosyn is involved and they are through Dogdson then they almost certainly would’ve had a tracking device in the can, and they certainly wouldn’t let a little hurricane stop them from retrieving those embryo’s. They could claim InGen‘s work as their own and modify it slightly.

So my Pipe was a helicopter flight to Isla Nublar, and the recovery of the Barbasol Can, and a run in with the T-Rex. This would take place within the finite time frame of the coolant in the can, so ostensibly it would take place during the time frame of the first Jurassic Park film.

Here are a couple of rough sketches of the Prologue, I did draw more but was unable to find them.

Thanks WordPress for not letting me rotate and save this image.

The helicopter just barely getting out of dodge before the Tyrannosaur totally messes up their day. As you can see the T-Rex has part of an extendable ladder in his jaws, something went badly for these Biosyn cronies.

"Get to the we can take off!"

This one is moments earlier just before the pilot takes off and the other guy in the cabin drops the extendable ladder.

The Biosyn hirelings do recover the can and place it in a better cold storage locker for transport back to the mainland.

To close out the first part of my Jurassic Park: New Dawn DRP here’s a tongue in cheek advert I drew for Biosyn Inc.

"Within DNA lies a brighter day!"

See you next time with more on Jurassic Park: New Dawn!

Ross Out.