John Connor (Thomas Dekker)

Image by quicheisinsane via Flickr

“Where is John Connor!?” queried the T-1000.

At the increasingly awesome NOFATECON that’s where!

That’s right the planners of NOFATECON are pleased to announce that Thomas Dekker SCC’s John Connor will be attending. This happens to be much better news than it first appears as I happen to know that this might very well make way for a veritable glut of announcements in the upcoming weeks…and certainly months.

For more information regarding the Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles Convention please visit: Latest News on NOFATECON!

After the break find out what Terminator:SCC writing team are taking on a hot new film!

“I feel the need for increasing and abundant speed, yes I do!”

Zack Stentz and Ashley Miller have been hired to pen the script to Top Gun 2!

In case you didn’t know my awesome screenwriting buddies teamed up to bring us the X-cellent X-Men First Class and the Norse God of Thunder THOR!

If nothing else I’m very intrigued and as a screenwriter I can think of numerous ways to bring the Top Gun franchise back in a sound barrier breaking blast.

Awesome news all round!

Ross Out.