I honestly don’t think I’ve enjoyed another season of The Sing Off as much as I have Season 3. However I had some issues because I fell in LOVE with PENTATONIX for the first four weeks every other one was AWESOME!

Please don’t get me wrong, I love A Capella music there truly is nothing like it. All of the groups that appeared on S3 were excellent in their own way, from MESSIAH’S MEN to VOCAL POINT to my second fave group THE DARTMOUTH AIRES this season has been filled to bursting with awesome A Capella. Why oh why did NORTH SHORE get the boot as early as they did?

However no one has come close to PENTATONIX, from the very start they set the bar exceedingly high for themselves and IMHO they have met or stunningly BLOWN AWAY that bar and everyone’e expectations. Case in point the very latest episode they closed it out with the SICKEST cover of Marvin Gaye’s Let’s Get it On I have ever heard! Watch it after the break!

Every. Bloody. Episode.

The five members of PENTATONIX, the original Trio Lead SCOTT HOYING, MIKE GRASSI, and awesome Songstress KIRSTIE MOLDONADO combine with the mind melting Vocal Percussion (that’s what I try and do) KEVIN OLUSOLA and the Subwoofer destroying Bass of AVI KAPLAN to produce some of the most staggeringly awesome Futuristic A Capella you will ever experience.

Dubstep? CHECK!

Electro? CHECK!

Techno? CHECK!

And yet they can also pair it down and pull it back and still blow your mind with REGGAE Janis Joplin!

This coming Monday watch live (if you haven’t been) and crank the volume! You might have to buy more plates, bowls, glassware, window and other paltry items- but at least you’ll be able to see the Final Four live including…you guessed it…PENTATONIX!

Drop it like it’s hot in the comments below!

Ross Out!