Alright, we have a final three to choose from on the Sing Off and they are ( in my order of appreciation based on watching the entire season):


Voting information: Online at 10 votes per person per e-mail address. Via Phone 10 votes per number:  Call 1-877-674-6401 or text 1 97979.

They had me from the very beginning and have consistently performed fantastic arrangements of a vast plethora of songs. Bringing a huge stage presence, distinct future-pella style, and a refreshing Christian team stance on foul lyrics they have been by far the most impressive and cutting edge of the season. Not only that but this is a group of  five that sounds as big as my number two choice after the break, Scott, Mitch, and Kirstie (the original Trio) between the Meat and Potatoes (Kevin and Avi respectively) have to be honest simply blown the competition away all season.

The last two performances are below:

After the Break the other two finalists and a performance from Fourth Place finisher AFRO-BLUE!

Dartmouth Aires

The Dartmouth Aires have a huge number of people in their group as you can see below. They are full of energy and are always fully amped for their performances. They have some fine singers, and a great lead that they might have used too much, as they have so many fine voices. My biggest issues with the Dartmouth Aires are that they often had pitch problems which were overlooked because of spectacle, and in some of their pieces they nearly went entirely off the rails.

To vote for Dartmouth here’s the information.

Online at 10 votes per person per e-mail address. Via Phone 10 votes per number:  Call 1-877-674-6403 or text 3 97979.

Urban Method

Urban Method has introduced us to A Capella with Rap…Rap-a-pella if you will. And it was interesting the first few times, but to be entirely honest it got old rather quickly. It took a long time for the female leads to find their voices, (though boy did they ever), and I just never quite gelled with this group as much as I’d originally though I would. However if you like this style of A Capella then by all means vote for Urban Method!

Voting Information for Urban Method: Online at 10 votes per person per e-mail address. Via Phone 10 votes per number:  Call 1-877-674-6402 or text 2 97979.

Here’s their last two performances:

To be honest I feel worst for Afro-Blue I think they were better and more consistently awesome to listen to for me than at the very least Urban Method. So you can experience their wonderful Jazz influenced A Capella here are their 2 Performances from last night and their Swan Song.

There you go folks, get voting for your fave!

Season Finale next Monday!


Ross Out