Season 3 Champs!!

The Moment

This post is late because I couldn’t write it before actually watching The Moment from last night- heck the whole episode- I have no t.v. so I watched the entire season on my laptop. And let me tell you watching the live blog of the finale of The Sing-Off on ACapellaBlog was not for the faint hearted. It took FOREVER last night, and about a million page refreshes to see the words PENTATONIX WINS– and did they ever! I am so ecstatic for the Futuristic Five of Pentatonix!

From their first phenomenal performance they had me falling in love with music by artists I generally would never in a million years listen to- and then they did the unthinkable- they improved each and every week! I don’t know what the judges were talking about but their performance of Love Lockdown by Kanye West was freaking awesome! Each performance opened a window into the creative minds of the Futuristic Five and once they got going the only thing that could stop them was themselves.

And yet they excelled in music styles that on paper, and probably at first glance, would seem impossible for a five person group to even accomplish. I trembled at the idea of Rock…and they blew the doors off Born to Be Wild! Country, we’ll just be as simple as we’ve ever been, cool, fun and awesome! Kirstie, you made me smile too!

I could wax on about all of you other performances too however I will simply say this The Dog Days are Over!

Here are their performances from last nights LIVE finale for your enjoyment.

Once again my heartfelt congratulations to all of the Futuristic Five that make up the awe inspiring  PENTATONIX!

Ross Out!