I’ll be posting some of my gaming vids from time to time.

Today I’m going to post the first vid from my Let’s Play CUBE.

CUBE is a Modification of Half-Life 2 Episode 2 set in an Alternate Universe that nevertheless crosses over into the Half-Life/Portal Universes we know and love. It is abundantly clear that a huge amount of effort has been taken to produce a game play experience that rivals the A-List titles is is a modification of- it is excellent, flat out excellent!

It is also one of THREE modifications based in this OTHER LIFE universe. The other two are OTHER LIFE which they’re just getting going on and HATCH 18 (Which they’ve released a Demo for already.)

These can be found by searching at Moddb.com.

Hatch 18 Demo Only
Other-LifeEarly Development
CUBE ModPlay it NOW!

This series is truly going to be something special. I implore you not to play the Hatch 18 demo before finishing CUBE- because CUBE sets up the world and Hatch 18 continues it.

Happy Gaming!

Ross Out