So today I went to seeĀ The Dark Knight Rises with a very good friend of mine with whom I do voice work for his podcast. And lo and behold what do I see from outside the theater as I’m waiting for the B.O. to open but a new standee for the new James Bond film SKYFALL starring Daniel Craig and directed by Sam Mendes. Needless to say this puppy is freaking badass!

Below are a few photographs some taken inside and a few from outside. Once The Expendables 2 is out of the way I expect they’ll be moving it into the place where the TE2 standee is but it is very visible from outside the theater.

Later this week I will be returning to take some pictures later in the evening to try and get some from outside sans all the reflections but here’s a few shots that i took just hours ago.

Also a new Teaser for Skyfall premiered during the opening ceremony for the Olympic Games last night and here it is courtesy of youtube:

I am so stoked! Fixing his cufflink at the end of the teaser there is so 007!

Ross Out!