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For the better part of a year now I’ve been rather busy that’s why there have been fewer updates here at Ruminations of RossBondReturns. Well it’s time to let you all know what has been consuming my time and it is a Independent Film called The Thief in The Night.

The film is still in active production and we are still filming scenes and recording dialogue and doing all the nitty gritty things that need to be done in order to make a complete film experience. More than 17 dedicated and hard working individuals have donated their time and skills to make The Thief in The Night into a project on the verge of completion.

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The makers of CUBE are back with the first chapter of the second slice of their Other-Life Series entitled Hatch 18. The have chosen to release their second Half-Life 2: Episode 2 mod in a chapter by chapter basis. You can download chapter one and track the further development of the mod here:Hatch 18 on Moddb

I’ve sat down and recorded a Let’s Play of Chapter One which as far as I know goes through to the end, if not I’ve still got some discovering to do!

Give it a test run before Black Mesa hits on the 14th!

Ross Out.

Black Mesa (video game)

Black Mesa (video game) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Alright so it’s quite likely that m last post was also Black Mesa related I’m so excited right now that I didn’t even bother to check. During my previous post on Black Mesa I pretty much stated that I thought a release of Black Mesa would happen pretty soon- it so happens that I was right- this doesn’t make me a prophet.

The Development Team of Black Mesa have always stated that the soundtrack by Joel Nielsen would be released first- then the site would undergo redesigns and finally the HUGE game itself would be released. Well right now I would like to direct ou to the following page- Black Mesa Soundtrack HERE!

Now if you don’t have money as is the case for me at the moment unfortunately you can still download the entire soundtrack for free- however I encourage you to if possible select an amount to pay Joel Nielsen for his compositions are EXCELLENT.

Of course that also means that the official website is being redesigned- the boards have already received their makeover and soon you’ll be playing through Black Mesa all over again.

September 14 is Black Mesa Day!

Of special note is that the release will be without XEN- why is that? I’ll let this quote from the lead level designer Daniel “Raminator” Junek explain that:

Development on xen is already underway and we hope to have it finished up in a reasonable timeframe. Xen is going to basically be a complete game in its own right, it’s not going to be just an epilogue to the game; more of a whole new chapter. It’ll be pretty well expanded.

That’s right folks Xen is basically being expanded into a much larger chapter- practically a game in and of itself!

I’m so excited!

Time to listen to that soundtrack.

Ross Out