As a 49ers fan I have to say that it was a very exciting game. We could’ve done without digging ourselves a huge hole. We could’ve done much worse than making the amazing comeback that we did. To loose by 3 points to an excellent squad like the Ravens is nothing to be ashamed of- and if it had been all a the hands of the Ravens I wouldn’t have an issue with the loss at all.

This is not about the Ravens, making that clear, the Ravens played an excellent game. They gutted it out…held on…and won.

However they also benefited from some blown calls, in fact I think they were the beneficiaries of 90 percent of the blown calls.

The Calls/Non-Calls

We have a running into the kicker call on the Ravens that netted a 5 yard penalty… that could easily have been a  roughing the kicker call leading to a first down and extended drive that could’ve netted 7 points…instead of a made retake of the field goal.

Going for the 2 point conversion to tie the game the Ravens were clearly offside which should have resulted in another attempt at the 2 point conversion.

On the 49ers last offensive play of the game, 4th and goal…we have a clearly blown offensive foul call on the Ravens defender covering the receiver.

Phil Simms mentioned that the Officials want to let the players decided the game so prefer not to throw flags on huge plays like that. It was a foul, the player decided to foul, and should have been called for the foul. Take care of the penalties…which would’ve resulted in at least 3 more shots at the end zone…and see if the play can come off without cheating.

Ironically things didn’t end there…on 3rd down the ravens choose to take the safety on themselves…a cunning play. And the funny thing is that one of the 49ers defensive line figured it out right quick and went directly after the punter- would’ve got to him in a matter of seconds…if not of the Ravens defender collaring him round the neck with his arm and holding him. In fact there was a whole lot of holding all over the place on that play but as most of the 4th quarter calls had gone this of course went uncalled and the kicker was able to run 8 seconds off the clock.

The funny thing is none of this would have mattered if there had been good officiating earlier.

Let’s see how many points the 49ers could have added to their total- just for fun.

Cue dream sequence…

A possible touchdown instead of a re-taken and made field goal: 7/8 points would’ve made the score either 28-27 Ravens or 28 all.

After this the Ravens did score a FG: 31-27 or 31-28.

Then the 49ers did score a touchdown blown call on 2 PT conversion (Offsides) re-take and make 2 PT Conversion: 35-31 49ers. (31-29 Ravens game score).

Then the Ravens did score a FG: 35-34 49ers now that would’ve been exciting! (34-29 Ravens game score).

49ers final drive with the PI call they get at least 3 more cracks at the end zone…and come away with a minimum of 3 points. 38-34  49ers (w/FG) 42-34 49ers (with T.D.).

End dream sequence.

With 12 ticks on the clock it’s still possible for the Ravens to pull of a miraculous comeback even without all the strange calls/non-calls.

However since a non-call was made…we have the Ravens Self Safety with a many non-called holding calls- enabling the Ravens to run 8 seconds out of 12 off the clock. (Final game score of 34-31 Ravens).

Now I want to make this perfectly clear- I had a total blast. I’m very happy with my 49ers and really, really proud of them and looking forward to next year already.

Clarifying the Possible Minimum/Maximum Possible Gained Points for the 49ers.

However when I look back on perhaps what should have been it’s very frustrating at the very least if the 49ers had converted on the retry at the 2 Point Conversion…and managed a F.G.  on their final drive it would have made at a minimum 5 more points. (For a final game score of 34-34) a tie at full time Barring a Ravens scoring drive. Can we say overtime thriller!

However the 49ers were hot in the 2nd half, that’s why I had them scoring a Touchdown instead of a F.G. see the first score in the dream sequence section.

So that’s at least +4 possibly +5 on the 2 point conversion.

And I’m certain they would’ve scored a TD in their final drive had there not been the infamous non-call. +7 or +8 with the 2 point conversion.

A maximum then of +13 points!

The mind boggles.

The Officiating

Now I’m not sure why some of the calls weren’t called up for review from upstairs especially in the last two minutes, there was a ton of questionable stuff going on all over the place. Could it have been the Officials simply wanting to get the game over with after all there had been a really long half stadium blackout that had caused a near 36 minute delay?


Could the Refs on the field simply missed the calls in the heat of the moment…again it’s certainly a possibility.

There were dubious calls early in the game for both teams ( that did not effect the score) yet in the second half, from the middle of the 3rd Quarter onward there sure seemed to be a whole crescendo of  calls/non-calls going against the 49ers/being not called on the Ravens.

However it just irks me to no end that these missed/blown calls did in fact take numbers off the board.

I honestly think the Ravens might well have won without any of these strange calls, and I’d have much rather it have been that way.

Conclusion: Rematch Next Year?

I could think of nothing better than a rematch next year, I honestly think that we did have the two best teams in the Super Bowl and it would be great to have a 49ers Vs. Ravens face off again.

As it stands I’m once again proud of both the 49 ers and the Ravens they gave us a thrilling Super Bowl and I know that Colin K. and my 49ers will only improve as a team.

It’s a very exciting time to be a 49er fan!

Ross Out.