Justin Lin has directed every movie in the Fast and Furious series since he came on board for Tokyo Drift and arguably with each film he has crafted a greater and more powerful and robust piece of entertainment. Fast 5 was the first in the series I took the time to see in theaters since Rob Cohen’s The Fast and the Furious. And as a film it blended high octane car racing with the heist film for absolutely nutty amounts of fun, the ending chase is action heaven.

Now Justin is putting the finishing touches on Fast 6 which will be by all indications even more fun and spectacular than Fast 5. Universal wants to get going right now on Fast 7 and that’s forced Justin Lin to drop out of the directing gig ostensibly because he doesn’t want to be in Post Production on one film while being in Pre-Production on the next simultaneously. I can’t fault him for that, and though it’s a shame that we won’t get to see him complete his planned Fast and Furious arc we will get to see Fast 7 coming down the pipe very very soon as Universal Pictures is apparently talking to Director James Wan to fill the directors chair.

This leads to my question: this move once again opens up the possibility of Lin signing on as director of the long gestating Terminator 5. Will rights owner Megan Ellison seek him out? The script is currently being written and Justin Lin has shown interest in directing the 5th film in the past.

The honest truth is that I have no information either way. I do know that I trust Megan and her bother David Ellison to deliver a quality product, Megan does not mess around when making films.  Zero Dark Thirty is case and point for that. I honestly believe that with T5 we could be getting a leaner, tighter, more hardcore and personal Terminator film than we’ve had in a while- perhaps harkening back to the original The Terminator. 

If so I really believe that Justin Lin would be fully capable of bringing such a vision of the Terminator to life. He knows how to get the right performances from his actors and he certainly knows how to direct compelling and brutal action sequences. He brings the heart and he brings the team aspect to his films that would be needed in either a Future War/Resistance…or present war battle to prevent Skynet version of T5 at least that’s how I see things.

I’m looking forward to the future of the Terminator franchise and can’t wait to see what is planned as Terminator 5 continues down the road towards full scale production.

Later folks,