So the other day I decided to walk around town a little bit more than usual and anyone who knows me is fully aware that I walk around town a LOT. However yesterday was a little bit different in that I ended up at the local Salvation Army Store- the one in Redlands California is more like a Antiques repository but on the right it still has DVD’s, Video/PC Games, Comic Books and Collectables…and Music CD’s. I actually went in to look at the DVD’s as they are priced to move and often have a good selection of films that I’ve wanted to see and have never been able to.

Aeon Flux caught my eye right away, it had a strong chance of being picked because it ticked all the right boxes for the kind of film I wanted to experience. However in the end I found myself kneeling in front of the CD rack and looking very carefully at the titles for anything I might like. It turns out there ended being two items that grabbed my attention…well to be honest 3, but when I opened the first one I found the dreaded stolen/missing disc staring at me. So I handed it to one of the workers to get it out of circulation.

The next CD that caught my eye was the soundtrack to Terminator 2: Judgment Day (T2) composed by Brad Fiedel.  Sliding it out carefully I hoped I would not find the dreaded missing disc but on opening I found the real deal. The jewel case itself was in fairly remarkable condition so I flipped the cd to check for scratches and found some but only what would be expected through general wear and tear. I was going to be the owner, once again, of one of the greatest Action scores of all time!

Let me put this in perspective for you when I got my own walkman/tapeplayer one of the very first, if not THE FIRST tapes I brought with my own money was the soundtrack to T2! I was too young to see T2 in theaters but I listened to that Tape so much that I broke it! I wore it right out!

To be listening to it as I type this post brings back so many memories. It is flat out amazing that I own a “hard copy” of the T2 score…I haven’t had it other than watching the DVD for years.

So…so far this trip to the Salvation Army Store had been truly excellent, I decide to continue browsing the CD’s and what do I come across than the motion picture soundtrack to Batman! I Love Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard’s work on the amazing Dark Knight Trilogy but I have a great love for what composer Danny Elfman  and Director Tim Burton and the cast and crew brought to the fore in 1989. I have always wanted a copy of the score to Batman as I’ve heard some of the tracks through the internet but never had a copy myself. When I flipped over the CD this time I found NO scratches whatsoever!

What a total Geek Out I was having!

Here’s a pretty crummy picture of $4 worth of the best movie soundtracks ever.

T2 and Batman Soundtracks! $4!

T2 and Batman Soundtracks! $4!

So check out your local Salvation Army Store for awesome stuff.

“Trust me.”

Ross Out