After a short exchange with a good friend on facebook I wondered if I hadn’t quite gotten the point across. In order to try and figure that out I realized that I had to ask a couple of questions that will likely expand further but the questions are as follows.

Is there a significant difference between between the way Writers, Writer/Directors and Directors who write tackle the possibility of starting on a possible continuation of a project down the line? In other words if a passion project seems likely to continue moving forward, regardless of if it happens right now or long into the future, is there a difference between how these three groups of people would tackle said project?

And how could their faith impact their actions?

The Scenario

The writer/director finally, by the grace of God completes and premieres his passion project. The reactions by people attending the premiere who talk to them personally, the reports by his cast from their own experiences with attendees and also the continued reactions through social media point to the reality that people were really truly affected by their viewing experience. Something (in the case of of someone who’s  Christian this someone is Go The Holy Spirit) stirs up the question: Is there more to be told?

How would each of the stated divisions Writer (W) Writer/Director (W/D) and Directors who Write (DwW) react to this impetus?

The Writer

As a Christian writer I would right away do two things.

1. Pray about it for guidance.

2. Get writing.

It is important to work on getting down ideas sooner rather than later, the more passion you have for the project the easier it is to write these ideas. These ideas don’t out of necessity and quite possibly won’t end up becoming part of the (probable) eventual continuation however the writer isn’t worried about that because he can simply add any ideas he hatches into his/her Idea Drawer.


Drawer (Photo credit: Thomas R. Stegelmann)

The Idea Drawer is a place where a writer puts their ideas. Some writers do actually write down these ideas on pieces of paper and put them in an actual drawer. I have a computerized version of an idea drawer where I put in typed up ideas for possible use later, sometimes I won’t use an idea for years, I found myself using an idea from 1994 recently in one of my stories!

However when coming up with ideas under the guidance of God for His projects I tend to put said ideas under the heading of the specific project I might be continuing.

I then keep in prayer and ask the Holy spirit to guard my minds and actions as I amass more and more ideas and the days, weeks and months continue on.

This is generally the case for the W/D as well.

It seems to me though as if the DwW’s tend to engage more i making sure that their understanding rightly in order to go forward. The Christian Director who Writes would rather be sure that he/she is going in the right direction before committing to moving ahead and simply getting ideas down. While this is not out of necessity wrong it just seems alien to me as a Christian writer whose impetus is always to write while the passion for the project is burning while concurrently taking up in prayer whether it’s God’s will to indeed continue the project.

Although I’d argue that the prompting I felt recently was clearly the Holy Spirit telling me to get on it and offer my talents A.S.A.P. which led to the bit of communication that in turn led to me writing this post. And asking these questions.

A Few Things to Think About

Perhaps I came off as too strong, too gung-ho and if that’s the case than accept my apologies. On the flip side if I were a director who has a passionate writer friend who holds a heart to the same passionate outreach as myself and he offered to start offering up brainstorming of ideas I wouldn’t hesitate to say yes please!

The reasons being I know that he’s been writing for a long time and shares the same drive and impetus and reasons for being involved in the project with me in the first place. And I also know for a fact that he’s simply offering to help me get ideas and outlines together so that if/when my project moves forward we have ideas that were written at a time when our passion was blazing for the project, and those affected by the project.

One of the biggest dangers in writing is to not write on a project when you are passionate about it and the possibility of continuing it. Since when you do pick it up again you won’t have those passion fueled ideas that you could’ve had if you had acted on the prompting of your heart (the Holy Spirit) back in the early days fresh off the success.

Sure you could fire up the finished original project and regain some of that fire and passion, but it won’t be the same as the fire and passion that you failed to act upon those few months ago…or longer depending on when you’re led to continue the project.

In Conclusion

So what should I do? Well I’m going to do what the Holy Spirit in me impressed me to do- write down ideas. If nothing else they can be added to my Idea Drawer for future reference. I’m also going to continue to make my self available to my very good friend and continue to be in constant prayer about the will of God and what He would have me do.

Most importantly though, I’m not going to stop writing, and will always continue to share my faith.