Hello all!

As I suspected the videos from late night filming on Terminator: Genesis did not last long, I’m very glad that I took the care that I did to preserve them so that I could bring you this report.

Filming is now going great guns on Genesis, slated for release July 1, 2015. Just recently some short clips of filming in Louisiana have popped up along with stills showing cars used in replicating a certain sequence from The Terminator. Arnold has stated that the actions is as Big as the action in T2 and as recently as yesterday character actor J. K. Simmons called the script a “smart re-imagining”.

It seems unsurprisingly that Paramount and the others players behind the planned Trilogy of films are taking things very very seriously indeed. Including taking down the videos I’m about to talk about not once but twice at a minimum. One of the main reasons is that Paramount et all don’t want behind the scenes footage leaked period, however when one is talking about the shooting of FUTURE WAR set segments any moment could be a huge spoiler.

However, being that the resolution is 240p I felt that at the very least I would take a few shots to give you some idea of the first T1-T2 styled Future War action since T2:3-D Battle Across Time!

Possible Spoilers after the break!

Since pictures are worth 1,000 words I’ll let these selected screengrabs do most of the speaking for themselves.

GenesisFW1 GenesisFW2 GenesisFW3 GenesisFW4 GenesisFW5 GenesisFW6 GenesisFW7 GenesisFW8 GenesisFW9 GenesisFW10 GenesisFW11 GenesisFW12 GenesisFW13

Now excuse me while I geek out but those colors in the fireworks/explosions look very similar to those given off from the impact of Aerial H/K plasma blasts in especially the T2 Future War sequences!

Ahh awesome super dark Future War you have been missed!

More to come as filming rolls right along.

I’m so excited about this.

Ross Out.