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My three favorite movie franchises are Terminator, James Bond and Jurassic Park!

All three have films hitting the big screen next year but tonight I am going to devote some time to discussion on the latest film in the Jurassic Park film universe titled Jurassic World (JW)!

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Universal Pictures has been quite eager to revisit the Jurassic universe and so they should be the original JP has all by itself (including the 3-D re-release) grossed $1,029,153,882, The Lost World: Jurassic Park grossed $618,638,999 and Jurassic Park 3 added $ 368,780,809.

One could argue that as the quality of the stories declined that the total gross declined accordingly, however I can say that I have been waiting along with many others for a revisit to the franchise. And as is often the case the film has gone through a long developmental process.

There was a script by John Sayles which had human dinosaur hybrids that toted machine guns somewhere along the way. However things picked up speed when the writers of Rise of The Planet of the Apes wrote a draft which featured a working park full of visitors where nothing could possibly go wrong…right.

I believe Ian Malcolm once commented: “Yes but when the Pirates of the Caribbean breaks down the pirates don’t start to eat the guests.”

I just know I’m going to get into spoiler territory because a lot of information hit the web over the last couple of days so if you want to remain spoiler free please remain on this side of the break. And before I move onto the next page let me simply state that JW is a soft reboot of the series that takes place 22 years after the incidents of the original Jurassic Park. In a working theme park. And is being directed by Colin Trevorrow with Steven Spielberg producing and a fantastic cast including Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt, and music by Michael Giacchino. It comes out of extinction June of 2015.

If you want to be spoiled then come through the gates into Jurassic World!

A Brief (Non-Official) Synopsis

So InGen has gone bankrupt after the events of  the first three “Incidents” and the entire company was brought out by Patel Corporation who still know a good investment when they see one. This includes Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna- however their focus is to make John Hammond’s dream of a working theme park with living and breathing attractions a reality. And so they do…22 years later. And it is called Jurassic World and it is an instant hit and premiere travel destination with millions of visitors from around the world.

However all is not well on Isla Nublar, the powers that be want to prove that man is powerful enough to use technology to not only control the regular dinosaurs they’ve created. They want to play creator, tasking a select few with blending dino dna with that of other creatures. Man made monsters to bring even more awe and wonder, but what brings wonder can also bring destruction.

What We Do Know

Jurassic World is open to the public and features a wide array of dinosaurs, a water park, golf course, petting zoo and Moasaur feeding show. (Amongst other things). Links to two Jurassic Wold news sites will be placed at the bottom of the article.

We know that Chris Pratt plays a character that is a serious fellow charged with park security and keeping the dinos and people both happy.

The Nerdist just the other day revealed that Bryce-Dallas Howard’s character is a scientist show is charged with creating these blended dinosaurs. Hinting that there could be more than one.

The Blended Dinosaur, our new creature antagonist, is a mix of T-Rex, Raptor, Snake and Cuttlefish DNA! He is known as D-Rex (Diabolus Rex). With a mix like that you have an apex (super) predator with speed, intelligence and strength…and the ability to become invisible at a moments notice!

We know disaster will strike, D-Rex will wreak havoc…and perhaps Pratt’s character will use “controlled” dinos to try and get things under control.


Speculation Territory

Let me explain if you watch the second video at the Patel Corporation website (see below) the scientist speaks of how they will use Nano Technology to combat the diseases that wiped out the InGen dinosaurs. Now could this same nano technology be used to control these wild dinosaurs in some way?

Could something go wrong with said technology leading to even further disaster?

I’d say the odds are good.

I must say that the genetic splicing idea seems like a natural outgrowth of the late Michael Crichton’s ideas put forth in his Jurassic Park novels. And if you’ve frequented these parts long enough you know that I have always been a huge fan of the working park idea. So much so that I wrote my own treatment for a Jurassic Park 4 story with a working park all its own.

I am very excited about what Writers Colin Trevorrow and Derek Connelly are bringing to life. And I can’t wait to bring more on Jurassic World as it lumbers closer to completion.

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