Hey folks Ross here with another article on Terminator: Genesis (T:G)! 

There’s been an awful lot of scuttlebutt and discussion about T:G as recently there have been photographs from two scenes being filmed for T:G which have appeared online.

Firstly there was a scene I believe will be revealed to be at a children’s hospital which caused a stir because it showed Arnold as the long term Terminator, Kyle Reese, Sarah Connor and the actor hired to play an older John Connor all in the same scene.

Daily Mail Article

The second behind the scenes pictures showed the Kyle and Sarah stunt doubles in the back of a vehicle that looks like it could be doubling for a truck like the S.W.A.T. from T2. They’re shooting a scene where they shoot out of the back of the van at at least one Police cruiser.

Comic Book Movie.coms Article

T:G which is shooting in New Orleans (Jurassic World is also shooting there now after a successful shoot in the Hawaiian islands) is also drawing intrigue by the lack of information about the plot and the time periods. There have been hints that the soft reboot will be re-telling events from T1 but differently.

After looking at some articles from last month I think we can put together a general idea of if nothing else the through-line of events in Terminator: Genesis!

Consider yourself warned! Article could potentially spoil some plot elements!

What years does Terminator: Genesis Take place in?

Simply by extrapolation from recent pictures from the filming of certain sequences in New Orleans. These seemed to show this soft reboots version of events- such as the Police Car chase from The Terminator.

So we can notch up a vote for 1984. Arguably though it will be different from the 1984 from the Terminator, quite a bit different would be my guess.

We can also notch up a time in the future what with the evidence in my last article taken from videos that have since been removed (and the user Terminated from youtube as well). This as I noted in my last article is proper looking James Cameron style 2029 future war.

So let’s add Future War aka 2029 or later into the mix.

Drew McWeeny had this to say in an article about the hiring of Matt Smith:

It opens in the future in the final days of the war with Skynet, particularly centered around the moment where Skynet sent the first Terminator back to 1984 and John Connor sent Kyle Reese to stop him. There’s a pretty big chunk that’s set in 1984, and while it’s familiar at moments, this is a very different 1984 than we saw in James Cameron’s original movie. There’s also a third time, but I won’t reveal if it’s before or after 1984. It’s in that third time that we’re going to meet Matt Smith‘s character, and where it will become clear what that “strong connection” the press release refers to actually is.

Hitfix Article

This is an article I missed last month but it puts things in order we look to be spending some time, maybe an extended Future War set sequence…which leads into the main body of the film which is set in 1984.

Yet those of us who know our Terminator: Genesis casting know that we have a T-1000 involved and he wasn’t involved in the 1984  of The Terminator. Could this be one of the many changes he was referring to? Possibly or it could be that the T-1000 is during the time period that Drew wouldn’t reveal.

Very little is known about this third time period but it’s not just Matt Smith’s character that shows up in that time period.

Deadline posted an article early on April 1 (that dreaded day when so many movie blogs post fake news) that had this to say while talking about actress Sandrine Holt joining Terminator: Genesis:

The U.K. born Holt would play Detective Cheung, who arrests Kyle and Sarah when they arrive in 2017.

Deadline Article

So this third time period seems to be 2017.

It also appears that Kyle and Sarah at the very least make it to 2017.

Matt Smith’s character is also in 2017.

What is it that happens in 2017? Since they’re arrested perhaps Judgment Day hasn’t occurred by 2017?

For what it’s worth I find the whole thing very very interesting.


Ross Out.