…long before Jurassic World! 

I remember walking out of the theater after seeing Jurassic Park III my mind practically on fire with where I as a fan and screenwriter would take the JP Franchise.

From my perspective I personally felt that the best option was, not surprisingly exactly what we’re getting, a soft reboot. There were certain things that I had enjoyed from the novels which had never made their way into any of the films, so I relished a re-read of the two novels. Once that was behind me I was faced with the problem of where to take the story, I wanted it to continue and I really felt that there was still at least one story which needed to be told.

A working theme park a fulfillment of John Parker Hammond’s dreams.

However I’m faced with a number of problems:

The greed assisted failure of the first film and The Ingen Incident in San Diego in the second and the events of JP III the third. How could a theme park come into existence through Ingen with such issues in the past? The answer to that problem was a simple in that it couldn’t, and that the books gave me something that the films largely avoided…another company that could: Biosyn!

Alright you say how would Biosyn get the species needed to populate a future park? The Barbasol Can.

How would they get around Ingen? They would by it out at auction.

Where would they get permission to build a park?

Have a read of my unfinished Scriptment of Jurassic Park: New Dawn!

If I get enough interest I might even share the final version later. Bear in mind that this was written a long time ago and re-written recently that being around 2 years ago.

Jurassic Park New Dawn Incomplete Scriptment

I hope you enjoy!