Paramount Pictures have been very very secretive about all of the filming for the upcoming Terminator film. They quickly terminated a youtube account that put up videos showing the filming of future war scenes. And the only leaked photos since has been from three nights of shooting:

1: A redo of the police chase in T1.
2: A setup at a hospital.
3: A SWAT style van and a police cruiser with Kyle and Sarah stunt doubles.

Now word has come out that filming is about to wrap with on location shooting at Oracle Headquarters in Redwood Shores in Redwood City California.

Could this be Cyberdyne Systems?

Could this be Cyberdyne Systems?

Oracle is the second largest computer software developer in the U.S. behind Microsoft. And the CEO of Oracle is none other than Larry Ellison father of producers Megan and David Ellison. I’m not the only one to look at the campus and come to the possible conclusion that it might be used as Cyberdyne Systems in the upcoming Terminator film.

According to

“A notice that a “major motion picture” will be filming in the neighborhood was sent recently to Redwood Shores residents, with a contact number for the film’s location manager, Gail Stempler.
Although the name of the film to be shot was conspicuously absent, Stempler gave this reporter a phone number that reached an answering machine with the message: “You’ve reached the publicity department for ‘Terminator.’”

The irony of Cyberdyne Systems being located at Oracle H.Q. so to speak seems such a perfect possibility that I am entirely behind it.

Once again from

Filming will occur “on or about Monday, July 28, from approximately 2 p.m. to 2 a.m. and Tuesday, July 29 and Wednesday, July 30 from approximately 4 p.m. to 7 a.m.,” according to the notice. Nothing will be shot outside, although several production vehicles as well as some lighting will be visible.

“Gunshots and related special effects” will be part of the inside action if the Redwood City Police Department approves it, according to the notice.

Sure sounds and looks like a good guess that we’re looking at a assault on Cyberdyne. Such makes me very excited!

It should also be noted that it was reported three weeks ago that Arnold would wrap photography and this three night span perfectly co-incides with that announced wrap of Arnolds scenes in the film.

I cannot wait for the new Terminator! 

Ross Out

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