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As you know I’m very excited for next year as my three favorite franchises are getting new installments in 2015.

Jurassic World roars into theaters first on June 12th.

Terminator : Genisys erm … terminates audiences Starting July 1.

James Bond returns to theaters Late November / Early December.

While there will be plenty of reporting on on Bond in the foreseeable future today’s report is  is talking about JW and T:G. 

In a members only article I’ll link ( for reference sake) to at the bottom of the post comes this news about the two eagerly anticipated sequels.

Here’s the important stuff.

Question: And you said that – I love the way you said it, 2015 would pop, so, why?

Greg Foster:  Answer: There is a handful of reasons. Here are the main ones. The movies are spaced incredibly well. So instead of movies being on top of each other, they’re spaced with two or three weeks in between and we haven’t seen that in a long time. For whatever reason, we seem to be also particularly well-spaced. So when you look at starting, let’s say, in early April with Fast and Furious 7, and then going to Avengers, and then going to Tomorrowland, and then going to Jurassic World, and then going to Terminator, and then going to – there are two movies that are on each other right now. That will be interesting which is Pan, the Peter Pan movie and Ant-Man, the Marvel title.

So if I’m not mistake this marks Jurassic World and Terminator: Genisys as the first in their respective series to have at least 3 week solo runs in IMAX with no competition (apparently).

Also both series are being planned as soft reboots of their franchises with Jurassic World being set on Isla Nublar with a working theme park full of dinosaurs. And though we have yet to see anything official from Terminator: Genisys it appears like the Skydance/Paramount Trilogy will be entirely separate from the films that have come before it. Hence why the upcoming sequels currently known at Terminator 3 and Terminator 4 respectively.

Regardless the chance to see either or both Terminator and Jurassic Park sequels/Reboots on the IMAX screen sounds really awesome to me.

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