Name: Ross Cooper

Age: Older then some and younger than others.

Hair Color: Getting whiter.

Location: Currently resides in Chiloquin Oregon.

About me: I am an estranged father of 4 boys one of who is in Heaven and it is to him that I dedicate all of my writing. I have been writing since the age of ten, that means for over twenty years now. I was born in England and have grown up and lived in England, Southern California, Northern Ireland, Southern California and Oregon with a short stay in Holbrook Arizona.

Through these travels and a large and diverse family spread quite literally around the globe I have a huge selection of characters to spin from. And just a whole lot of people with diverse knowledge bases and that enables me to be able to write about many things with at least a certain degree of comfort.

I’ve been involved with the Terminator franchise as a fan for a long time too. Since I first saw the Terminator on cable I have written a LOT of fan fiction. I have also had the great honor of meeting and talking with both Arnold Schwarzenneger and Jim Cameron. I am a huge supporter of all the facets of the Terminator series and eagerly await S3 of SCC (Renew it Fox) and Terminator Salvation.

Since I write Terminator some people wonder about my religious beliefs. I am a non-denominational Christian with a very solid relationship with the Lord.

That said I also write about whatever interests me, and my latest project speaks volumes about that, hopefully you’ll see it on the big screen some day.

Thanks for stopping by and please visit my other blog.

DarkAngel: Maximum

Thanks for checking this page out and God Bless.

Ross Cooper

April 11, 2009