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Way back in 1999 I with the help of a good friend released my Terminator fan script Terminator 3: Final Retribution (T3:FR)onto the internet. The site went through a number it iterations including hosting through two different services, a liquid metal logo animation, message boards and even a Future War set written Terminator RPG.

We advertised the script as…”The Fan script fit for the big screen!

You can still find on of the old sites on the internet to this day, it features artwork by another friend, Terminator short fiction and who knows you might even be able to still read the script online! If not you can download it from Terminator Files- They have absurdly detailed files! look under Scripts.

On top of that just like my inspiration in screenwriting Jim Cameron would draw artwork I also did some drawings as as part of the Digital Restoration Project I’m going to upload some artwork that I did around the time of the website release. So prepare to be Terminated by mediocre artwork as we travel back to 1999!

In T3:FR I wrote a direct follow up to Terminator 2: Judgment Day in which General Connor came back through time to protect himself and stop Skynet from two Automated Personell EXterminator Terminator units sent back through time by Skynet to kill off John Connor in the past. Here is a sketch of Apex One based on a certain actor.

"I am cold and unforgiving on the inside."

“I am cold and unforgiving on the inside.”

After the break meet his female counterpart and find more art from 1999’s Terminator 3: Final Retribution!
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Cover of "Jurassic Park Adventure Pack (J...

Cover via Amazon

I am a huge Jurassic Park fan and I have been since I read the original way back when, was it really 1994 I honestly can’t remember when I first read it….I’ve enjoyed the films to differing degrees as well. The original Jurassic Park film was brilliant, The Lost World: Jurassic Park  much less so, and JP3 was a step back in the right direction IMHO.

Not long after JP3 I began to explore ideas for a further sequel and as a huge fan of the series I had to choose a story line that would do justice to the series in its entirety. There was a lot of back story in the books that was simply not touched and left to rot, like the majority of the Lost World novel, you have the rival biogenetics company BioSyn, you have a host of interesting characters and scenarios that could easily be explored to great effect. In effect there was a lot more to mine and build on to make a sequel that was fitting to the original.

In this first post for the Digital Restoration Project I’m going to share with you old art, and the story ideas behind my sequel idea for Jurassic Park 4…which I titled Jurassic Park: New Dawn.

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Terminator 3

Image by twm1340 via Flickr

So what exactly is the Digital Restoration Project?

Let’s just say that I’ve been going through some boxes full of old stuff and finding old pictures, and drawing books full of old art from multiple unfinished projects.

So I decided to take digital pictures of all these things because I don’t have access to a scanner and I’m going to be sharing them with you all through the Digital Restoration Project.

You’ll be seeing a LOT of photos of Terminator 3 stand-ins, and some truly awesome shots of me from the very day Terminator 3 premiered in theaters- including the only shots of me in character as John Connor…scar and all!

There will also be concept art from my original T3 Fanscript T3: Final Retribution, Deep Pulse, Jurassic Park: New Dawn and even more!

So get ready for a blast from the past…and a look into the future!

Ross Out