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It happens to anyone who writes. For those who earn a living or simply one who writes simply because it’s something that they love to do. Like a octopus it seems like it will never let go once it’s locked on, and like a shark it’s ready to attack when you least expect it.

This voracious denizen of destruction and no little annoyance is called Writer’s Block! (WB)

Yeah that thing that rears it’s head when you least need it to, especially when you’re approaching a deadline. Often you’re writing merrily along not a care in the world and then                    !

That’s right,                 !

______ at all!

Nothing at all!

If you have notes they suddenly look like they’re written in Klingon, your imagination feels like a boring bomb just went off. This is entirely not like you, yet it happens to each and every one of us. And if it hasn’t…just you wait.

So here’s a few handy things you can do when beset by the dreaded WB blues.

  1. Do NOT Panic. Seriously don’t, panic gets you nowhere other than all the more frustrated that you are suffering from or through WB. Also if you are on a timeline you cannot afford to panic, if things have to be delivered to a schedule panic will just make things worse. You have to sit back and look at things objectively, contact the people who are waiting for your work and make sure they know what’s going on. Continue reading

Justin Lin has directed every movie in the Fast and Furious series since he came on board for Tokyo Drift and arguably with each film he has crafted a greater and more powerful and robust piece of entertainment. Fast 5 was the first in the series I took the time to see in theaters since Rob Cohen’s The Fast and the Furious. And as a film it blended high octane car racing with the heist film for absolutely nutty amounts of fun, the ending chase is action heaven.

Now Justin is putting the finishing touches on Fast 6 which will be by all indications even more fun and spectacular than Fast 5. Universal wants to get going right now on Fast 7 and that’s forced Justin Lin to drop out of the directing gig ostensibly because he doesn’t want to be in Post Production on one film while being in Pre-Production on the next simultaneously. I can’t fault him for that, and though it’s a shame that we won’t get to see him complete his planned Fast and Furious arc we will get to see Fast 7 coming down the pipe very very soon as Universal Pictures is apparently talking to Director James Wan to fill the directors chair.

This leads to my question: this move once again opens up the possibility of Lin signing on as director of the long gestating Terminator 5. Will rights owner Megan Ellison seek him out? The script is currently being written and Justin Lin has shown interest in directing the 5th film in the past.

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As a 49ers fan I have to say that it was a very exciting game. We could’ve done without digging ourselves a huge hole. We could’ve done much worse than making the amazing comeback that we did. To loose by 3 points to an excellent squad like the Ravens is nothing to be ashamed of- and if it had been all a the hands of the Ravens I wouldn’t have an issue with the loss at all.

This is not about the Ravens, making that clear, the Ravens played an excellent game. They gutted it out…held on…and won.

However they also benefited from some blown calls, in fact I think they were the beneficiaries of 90 percent of the blown calls.

The Calls/Non-Calls

We have a running into the kicker call on the Ravens that netted a 5 yard penalty… that could easily have been a  roughing the kicker call leading to a first down and extended drive that could’ve netted 7 points…instead of a made retake of the field goal.

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The Terminator (soundtrack)

The Terminator (soundtrack) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s with a somewhat heavy heart that I write this official Terminator 5 news update as it means that I’ll no longer have to defend Ferris and Brancato on another Terminator script. Seriously though this news both excites me and bums me out since I spent a good deal of last year working on securing this very project.

However I’m also happy since that means Laeta Kalogridis  (Avatar/Shutter Island/Alexander) and Patrick Lussier (Wes Craven’s Dracula/My Bloody Valentine/Drive Angry (Writer and Director) are going to be the ones to receive any blow back from the fans if the film under performs.

It’s and interesting duo that’s for certain however I know that Terminator rights holder Megan Ellison isn’t into making stupid decisions. She is after all behind such awesome films as Zero Dark Thirty and The Master and is very serious about making great use of the Terminator name.

This is someone I fully trust to know what they’re doing.

Apparently the Laeta/Lussier was combo writing a SF original for David Ellisons’ Skydance Productions and was so impressed with it that he landed them the Terminator job.

More news as it breaks.

Ross Out.

For the better part of a year now I’ve been rather busy that’s why there have been fewer updates here at Ruminations of RossBondReturns. Well it’s time to let you all know what has been consuming my time and it is a Independent Film called The Thief in The Night.

The film is still in active production and we are still filming scenes and recording dialogue and doing all the nitty gritty things that need to be done in order to make a complete film experience. More than 17 dedicated and hard working individuals have donated their time and skills to make The Thief in The Night into a project on the verge of completion.

However we need your help, Continue reading

Portal 2 Character

Image by Dan Zen via Flickr

I had a bit of spare time lying around so I chose to make a video play through of one of my favorite games with a twist. Instead of commenting on what i was doing in the game I would comment on screenwriting and writing in general and in and around the Portal Universe.

I only have the first two parts up at the moment and I’ll put the first one in the post itself.

It’s possible I might have the whole thing all uploaded by tomorrow.

I hope you enjoy and find it informative.

Ross Out

This video is a short compilation culled from over 45 minutes of questions and answers regarding my desert experiences with Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. I’m posting it here on my secular blog so that you can meet me in the area of my greatest devotion and affection.

I hope it helps some of you to understand me and the Lord Jesus Christ as you’ve perhaps never understood Him before.

That is my prayer…to God be the glory.


Derek Reese

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EW listed a list of the 22 most shocking deaths in T.V. history…apparently they forgot this one.

For shame Entertainment Weekly…for shame!

Here’s a link to their list: EW’s 22 most shocking T.V. Deaths

Some of those are kind of lame IMHO.

Ross Out.

Title page of the First Folio, by William Shak...

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It’s coming.

You can go to the link at the bottom of this post to donate.

It really is Terminator 2 told using the words of William Shakespeare!

“John Connor wherefore art thou?”
Husky Jackal Theater: Terminator the Second

You know this is just, wow, this is just surreal. When I first heard Arnies return would be animated I gave it the benefit of the doubt…I can no longer do that.



This is abysmal.

Oh and in other Governator news this is also going to be a 3-D film…comic book…and computer/video game.

No unfortunately this shouldn’t have been posted April One…this is real.

Ross Out.