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Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror

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This is breaking as i only got to my e-mail today and foun a new news update from the awesome Steve Alten author of many books in his case focusing on the MEG series.

It seems he’s released a new E-Book called MEG: ORIGINS.

That’s kickass!

Here’s the trailer for the book…I can’t wait for the MEG movie to emerge from the Abyssal Plain that is Hollywood!

Congrats Steve thanks for keeping us up to date!

Ross Out!



Please keep Japan in your prayers.

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The Deadly Terminotter!

All I have to say is that Skynet messing with nature is totally messed up.

It’s turned one of our favorite furry critters into a KILLING MACHINE!

Get it here!

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On ground level looking across.

That tropical storm that raced through Guatemala caused this amazing sinkhole which swallowed a 3 story building apparently.

From above it looks even more insane.

Are we sure there's no Sarlac in there?

There appears to be no bottom to the thing.

It sure is impressive though.

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Now this is just awesome, each of the different colors used throughout this video compilation reveals a different temperature. See the Sun like never before…I recommend HD!

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