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For the better part of a year now I’ve been rather busy that’s why there have been fewer updates here at Ruminations of RossBondReturns. Well it’s time to let you all know what has been consuming my time and it is a Independent Film called The Thief in The Night.

The film is still in active production and we are still filming scenes and recording dialogue and doing all the nitty gritty things that need to be done in order to make a complete film experience. More than 17 dedicated and hard working individuals have donated their time and skills to make The Thief in The Night into a project on the verge of completion.

However we need your help, Continue reading

This video is a short compilation culled from over 45 minutes of questions and answers regarding my desert experiences with Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. I’m posting it here on my secular blog so that you can meet me in the area of my greatest devotion and affection.

I hope it helps some of you to understand me and the Lord Jesus Christ as you’ve perhaps never understood Him before.

That is my prayer…to God be the glory.



No Fate Con is On!

I’m very pleased to announce that NoFateCon the Terminator: SarahConnor Chronicles Convention is on!

NoFateCon is being put together by the fine ladies behind and has been in the works for quite a time.

It’s gonna be freaking big as you can see by going to the link above. As I noted in the post title the billboard wasn’t freaking big enough.

One final notice, while the rights to bring SCC back are entangled legally at the moment don’t expect that to last…we don’t know if we’ll ever see more SCC on the small screen but I do know that we can never give up fighting and WE NEVER WILL!

Ross Out

That’s an epic poster!

I’m looking forward to the end of the Potter series but should the Lord call me home before then than I’ll be moving onto eternity.

Until I’m called to be with Christ I’ll keep updating my blogs, when the updates stop, then I’ll be in Heaven.

Ross Out.

I firmly believe that soon the Lord will come to earth to take His believers to see the Father who is in Heaven.

This coming has been foretold.

It is said to come at a time when no one expects it.

Only those ready will be taken…and we’ll return with Christ when he comes to judge the world.

Don’t be left behind.

It won’t be fun.


What I think of Heaven: The Game.

Heaven is very important for me as a Christian the above link will lead you to a post (on my Christian blog) about the new PC-DVD-ROM game I’ve been following for a while.

I want all of my friends to live forever, it’ll only take you moments to read the post. It’s not my job to change your outlook on life…but I’m also not going to let this chance for change go by with nothing.

So there you go.