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It happens to anyone who writes. For those who earn a living or simply one who writes simply because it’s something that they love to do. Like a octopus it seems like it will never let go once it’s locked on, and like a shark it’s ready to attack when you least expect it.

This voracious denizen of destruction and no little annoyance is called Writer’s Block! (WB)

Yeah that thing that rears it’s head when you least need it to, especially when you’re approaching a deadline. Often you’re writing merrily along not a care in the world and then                    !

That’s right,                 !

______ at all!

Nothing at all!

If you have notes they suddenly look like they’re written in Klingon, your imagination feels like a boring bomb just went off. This is entirely not like you, yet it happens to each and every one of us. And if it hasn’t…just you wait.

So here’s a few handy things you can do when beset by the dreaded WB blues.

  1. Do NOT Panic. Seriously don’t, panic gets you nowhere other than all the more frustrated that you are suffering from or through WB. Also if you are on a timeline you cannot afford to panic, if things have to be delivered to a schedule panic will just make things worse. You have to sit back and look at things objectively, contact the people who are waiting for your work and make sure they know what’s going on. Continue reading


As a 49ers fan I have to say that it was a very exciting game. We could’ve done without digging ourselves a huge hole. We could’ve done much worse than making the amazing comeback that we did. To loose by 3 points to an excellent squad like the Ravens is nothing to be ashamed of- and if it had been all a the hands of the Ravens I wouldn’t have an issue with the loss at all.

This is not about the Ravens, making that clear, the Ravens played an excellent game. They gutted it out…held on…and won.

However they also benefited from some blown calls, in fact I think they were the beneficiaries of 90 percent of the blown calls.

The Calls/Non-Calls

We have a running into the kicker call on the Ravens that netted a 5 yard penalty… that could easily have been a  roughing the kicker call leading to a first down and extended drive that could’ve netted 7 points…instead of a made retake of the field goal.

Continue reading

Hey guys!

Not much time to say hey and that’s why I’m not updating nearly as often…very BUSY. However I’ll try and get back in the flow.

That said…here’s the first part to my Let’s Play through the game of LIMBO!

I’ll Be Back!

Ross Out

You know this is just, wow, this is just surreal. When I first heard Arnies return would be animated I gave it the benefit of the doubt…I can no longer do that.



This is abysmal.

Oh and in other Governator news this is also going to be a 3-D film…comic book…and computer/video game.

No unfortunately this shouldn’t have been posted April One…this is real.

Ross Out.

Love it!


Yes I know the sound is way off check the video description for the Download link, through Youtube.

Ross Out.


Talk about hubris!

Can’t help but love it!

Ross Out.

My Girl Roxy Rocks!

THAT’S how it’s done!

Ross Out.

On ground level looking across.

That tropical storm that raced through Guatemala caused this amazing sinkhole which swallowed a 3 story building apparently.

From above it looks even more insane.

Are we sure there's no Sarlac in there?

There appears to be no bottom to the thing.

It sure is impressive though.

Ross Out

Hey looks like some people are gullible and other people just have no sense of proper April Fools decorum whatsoever.

Al Ghad newspaper published a front-page article April 1 about the fake UFO landing near the desert town of Jafr, some 300 kilometres from the capital, Amman.

Alright so far so good right.

Jafr Mayor Mohammad Mleihan got caught up in the paper’s prank and said he sent security authorities in search of the aliens.

“Students didn’t go to school, their parents were frightened and I almost evacuated the town’s 13,000 residents,” Mleihan told the Associated Press. “People were scared that aliens would attack them.”

Oh man. Hey how about looking outside. Are the aliens invisible? Perhaps they aren’t there at all. The problem was the prank nearly got out of control.

A security official, speaking on condition of anonymity in order to discuss security issues, said an emergency plan was almost enacted in Jafr.

An Emergency Plan…that’s a euphasim for attack plan. Man oh man.

Story on the Story

We can all be very glad that things didn’t escalate to some kind of full scale incident.

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