Season 3 Champs!!

The Moment

This post is late because I couldn’t write it before actually watching The Moment from last night- heck the whole episode- I have no t.v. so I watched the entire season on my laptop. And let me tell you watching the live blog of the finale of The Sing-Off on ACapellaBlog was not for the faint hearted. It took FOREVER last night, and about a million page refreshes to see the words PENTATONIX WINS– and did they ever! I am so ecstatic for the Futuristic Five of Pentatonix!

From their first phenomenal performance they had me falling in love with music by artists I generally would never in a million years listen to- and then they did the unthinkable- they improved each and every week! I don’t know what the judges were talking about but their performance of Love Lockdown by Kanye West was freaking awesome! Each performance opened a window into the creative minds of the Futuristic Five and once they got going the only thing that could stop them was themselves.

And yet they excelled in music styles that on paper, and probably at first glance, would seem impossible for a five person group to even accomplish. I trembled at the idea of Rock…and they blew the doors off Born to Be Wild! Country, we’ll just be as simple as we’ve ever been, cool, fun and awesome! Kirstie, you made me smile too!

I could wax on about all of you other performances too however I will simply say this The Dog Days are Over!

Here are their performances from last nights LIVE finale for your enjoyment.

Once again my heartfelt congratulations to all of the Futuristic Five that make up the awe inspiring  PENTATONIX!

Ross Out!

So those of us who’ve watched every episode of this extended season of the Sing-Off saw 16 teams grace the stage and now we’re down to the final three. Voting is closed and someone, somewhere, knows who the winner is- and it will be revealed live tomorrow night. I’ve called in my votes and sent them all to the team I was fascinated in from the beginning- the futuristic a capella force that is Pentatonix (PTX).

I chose PTX because simply they promised amazing things and the delivered them with EVERY performance. They are a young group with plenty of possibility for growth, and as I’ve seen in other pieces (and I wholeheartedly agree) PTX has a more than legitimate chance of breaking into the charts. They are fresh, incredibly powerful, full of vocal tricks, and sound like a 18-20 person group- this with three singers- an absurd beatboxer- and a surreal bassist. I can’t say it enough, they CONSISTENTLY delivered. Therefore based on this argument PTX should- and probably will be revealed to be the winner.

But what if Urban Method (UM) or the Dartmouth Aires (DA) end up winning?

UM has a legit new style of A cappella all their own, a fusion of Rap and A Capella. They have been fun to watch, quite exciting, ingenious. Yet as much as I was on board with them at the beginning I began to tire of the Rap in every song, I began to tire of the dramatics, and I was glad when they were shaken up and relegated to the bottom two on one occasion. That drove them to have a rebirth of sorts, the judges called them out and they delivered, the women of the group were awesome- knocking the vocals out. Their performances last week were fantastic- arguably their best yet. They certainly could win, but do they deserve to, I’d argue that they do not.

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Alright, we have a final three to choose from on the Sing Off and they are ( in my order of appreciation based on watching the entire season):


Voting information: Online at 10 votes per person per e-mail address. Via Phone 10 votes per number:  Call 1-877-674-6401 or text 1 97979.

They had me from the very beginning and have consistently performed fantastic arrangements of a vast plethora of songs. Bringing a huge stage presence, distinct future-pella style, and a refreshing Christian team stance on foul lyrics they have been by far the most impressive and cutting edge of the season. Not only that but this is a group of  five that sounds as big as my number two choice after the break, Scott, Mitch, and Kirstie (the original Trio) between the Meat and Potatoes (Kevin and Avi respectively) have to be honest simply blown the competition away all season.

The last two performances are below:

After the Break the other two finalists and a performance from Fourth Place finisher AFRO-BLUE!

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Well tonight’s the night @ 8 P.M. on NBC’s The Sing Off the final Four will give the most important performances of their lives as they try to make it to the finals.  Tonight each group will be performing mashups of two songs into one…and in the second hour they’ll be performing judges choices- we can expect an insane night of awesome A Capella.

Last time I posted about Pentatonix (PTX) I ended with a vid of their most recent performance Let’s Get It On..tonight I just thought I’d share their first performance and group introduction from their very first spot on The Sing Off.

So here are PTX Performing E.T. by Katy Perry.


Ross Out



I honestly don’t think I’ve enjoyed another season of The Sing Off as much as I have Season 3. However I had some issues because I fell in LOVE with PENTATONIX for the first four weeks every other one was AWESOME!

Please don’t get me wrong, I love A Capella music there truly is nothing like it. All of the groups that appeared on S3 were excellent in their own way, from MESSIAH’S MEN to VOCAL POINT to my second fave group THE DARTMOUTH AIRES this season has been filled to bursting with awesome A Capella. Why oh why did NORTH SHORE get the boot as early as they did?

However no one has come close to PENTATONIX, from the very start they set the bar exceedingly high for themselves and IMHO they have met or stunningly BLOWN AWAY that bar and everyone’e expectations. Case in point the very latest episode they closed it out with the SICKEST cover of Marvin Gaye’s Let’s Get it On I have ever heard! Watch it after the break!

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