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Hello all!

My three favorite movie franchises are Terminator, James Bond and Jurassic Park!

All three have films hitting the big screen next year but tonight I am going to devote some time to discussion on the latest film in the Jurassic Park film universe titled Jurassic World (JW)!

Jurassic World Logo

Universal Pictures has been quite eager to revisit the Jurassic universe and so they should be the original JP has all by itself (including the 3-D re-release) grossed $1,029,153,882, The Lost World: Jurassic Park grossed $618,638,999 and Jurassic Park 3 added $ 368,780,809.

One could argue that as the quality of the stories declined that the total gross declined accordingly, however I can say that I have been waiting along with many others for a revisit to the franchise. And as is often the case the film has gone through a long developmental process.

There was a script by John Sayles which had human dinosaur hybrids that toted machine guns somewhere along the way. However things picked up speed when the writers of Rise of The Planet of the Apes wrote a draft which featured a working park full of visitors where nothing could possibly go wrong…right.

I believe Ian Malcolm once commented: “Yes but when the Pirates of the Caribbean breaks down the pirates don’t start to eat the guests.”

I just know I’m going to get into spoiler territory because a lot of information hit the web over the last couple of days so if you want to remain spoiler free please remain on this side of the break. And before I move onto the next page let me simply state that JW is a soft reboot of the series that takes place 22 years after the incidents of the original Jurassic Park. In a working theme park. And is being directed by Colin Trevorrow with Steven Spielberg producing and a fantastic cast including Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt, and music by Michael Giacchino. It comes out of extinction June of 2015.

If you want to be spoiled then come through the gates into Jurassic World!

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Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror

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This is breaking as i only got to my e-mail today and foun a new news update from the awesome Steve Alten author of many books in his case focusing on the MEG series.

It seems he’s released a new E-Book called MEG: ORIGINS.

That’s kickass!

Here’s the trailer for the book…I can’t wait for the MEG movie to emerge from the Abyssal Plain that is Hollywood!

Congrats Steve thanks for keeping us up to date!

Ross Out!

Cover of "Jurassic Park Adventure Pack (J...

Cover via Amazon

I am a huge Jurassic Park fan and I have been since I read the original way back when, was it really 1994 I honestly can’t remember when I first read it….I’ve enjoyed the films to differing degrees as well. The original Jurassic Park film was brilliant, The Lost World: Jurassic Park  much less so, and JP3 was a step back in the right direction IMHO.

Not long after JP3 I began to explore ideas for a further sequel and as a huge fan of the series I had to choose a story line that would do justice to the series in its entirety. There was a lot of back story in the books that was simply not touched and left to rot, like the majority of the Lost World novel, you have the rival biogenetics company BioSyn, you have a host of interesting characters and scenarios that could easily be explored to great effect. In effect there was a lot more to mine and build on to make a sequel that was fitting to the original.

In this first post for the Digital Restoration Project I’m going to share with you old art, and the story ideas behind my sequel idea for Jurassic Park 4…which I titled Jurassic Park: New Dawn.

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Portal 2 Character

Image by Dan Zen via Flickr

I had a bit of spare time lying around so I chose to make a video play through of one of my favorite games with a twist. Instead of commenting on what i was doing in the game I would comment on screenwriting and writing in general and in and around the Portal Universe.

I only have the first two parts up at the moment and I’ll put the first one in the post itself.

It’s possible I might have the whole thing all uploaded by tomorrow.

I hope you enjoy and find it informative.

Ross Out


Please keep Japan in your prayers.

Ross Out

The Mystery of the Burning Coins!

Sherlock Holmes

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A mystery to be solved my readers, something strange is afoot.

I will note forthwith the events, which transpired on the night last in the hopes that you can help, solve this most vexing conundrum. Read these notes carefully dear sleuths so that we can rumble the culprit in the case of the mysteriously overheating items.

I pray thee take note of the following list after which I will reveal to you the strange story that has me most vexated.

In my pocket I had these items I doth disclose to you:

Twain (2) Duracell Rechargable/Precharged AAA NiMH 1.2V 800mAh batteries.
One Single 4Gb Lexar Twist Drive
Thrice Pens, Twain Gel Pens and One Single generic pen.
Twain house keys on a fob.
And a collection of coins thus represented:
Twain dollars in Quarter-dollars.
8 fold dimes making 80 cents.
7 fold pennies making 7 pence.

How Events Unfolded Night Last

Upon paying for my planned purchases with the shop proprietor he engaged me in enjoyable conversation. He elucidated that in yonder back room everything was in much disorder but mixed betwixt various books I might find pamphlets of interest at a Quarter dollar an item!

So I made my way to the back room and it was much as he described, more disordered than even my own room as a youngster. I tell no tall tale! Upon placing my satchel on the floor I began the laborious process of minutely examining each bookshelf of which there were in fact 20, to look for intriguing material.

It was not long before I began to get rather impatient, I after all am a person that likes to get on with things, and I wasn’t finding anything of interest. So I made to conduct my search in a greatly expedited fashion, when I felt a sudden and unexpected blossoming of heat in the right pocket of my pantaloons!

Needless to say I was rather concerned, and quite rightly as it smelled as if my pocket were about to combust. Straight-a-way I evacuated the items out of my pocket which proved painful for each and every one of them was blazing hot, like the heat from a stove top, I placed them all on top of one of the bookcases to cool.

The proprietor of the shop noting my discomfort and my rather unbecoming verbal fusillade came to my side. Upon my explanation he touched both the coins and the batteries and discovered they were still quite hot indeed.

All told sleuths I was another quarter-hour in the establishment before I was able to pocket my items (I placed the batteries in a lone pocket on my satchel), pay for my one single quarter-dollar item and be on my way to my next appointment.

Now You Have All the Clues…

Can you sleuth out my quandary? Has this knowledge tickled your cranium? Or perhaps the mystery will go unsolved, forever.


Fare thee well!

On ground level looking across.

That tropical storm that raced through Guatemala caused this amazing sinkhole which swallowed a 3 story building apparently.

From above it looks even more insane.

Are we sure there's no Sarlac in there?

There appears to be no bottom to the thing.

It sure is impressive though.

Ross Out

Now this is just awesome, each of the different colors used throughout this video compilation reveals a different temperature. See the Sun like never before…I recommend HD!

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