Disclaimer: This series of posts will contain a series of scenes and perhaps in the end entire episodes for download in script form to cover items that the show was unable for various reasons to show us. While some scenes will naturally be humorous this entire project and what will come after it is entirely serious. It is also a precursor to Connor Chronicles Online where I will be writing entirely new episodes for the show…AKA Season 3 and beyond. So brace yourselves for new SCC.

Int. Connor House- Living Room- Night

John finally comes back from wherever he’s been when he should have been home. And watches Cameron silently as she watches some kind of MTV style music channel on the television.

Hey killer Robot.

John your mother is upset.

What else is new?

I’m learning how to dance so I can
take Morris to the prom.

They both watch as hot chicks gyrate across the screen, in super duper slow motion.

I can do that but it’s not very optimal.
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