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…long before Jurassic World! 

I remember walking out of the theater after seeing Jurassic Park III my mind practically on fire with where I as a fan and screenwriter would take the JP Franchise.

From my perspective I personally felt that the best option was, not surprisingly exactly what we’re getting, a soft reboot. There were certain things that I had enjoyed from the novels which had never made their way into any of the films, so I relished a re-read of the two novels. Once that was behind me I was faced with the problem of where to take the story, I wanted it to continue and I really felt that there was still at least one story which needed to be told.

A working theme park a fulfillment of John Parker Hammond’s dreams.

However I’m faced with a number of problems:

The greed assisted failure of the first film and The Ingen Incident in San Diego in the second and the events of JP III the third. How could a theme park come into existence through Ingen with such issues in the past? The answer to that problem was a simple in that it couldn’t, and that the books gave me something that the films largely avoided…another company that could: Biosyn!

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When Justin Lin was circling Terminator 5 he spoke about some of the ideas he had for the film and this script was born. All told I spent the better part of year in research, writing and the polishing Rebirth into the script I am releasing today. Hopefully it’ll help tide fans over until the increasingly awesome sounding Terminator: Genesis hits next July!

I hope you enjoy reading this script as much as I did writing it!


All the best!



After a short exchange with a good friend on facebook I wondered if I hadn’t quite gotten the point across. In order to try and figure that out I realized that I had to ask a couple of questions that will likely expand further but the questions are as follows.

Is there a significant difference between between the way Writers, Writer/Directors and Directors who write tackle the possibility of starting on a possible continuation of a project down the line? In other words if a passion project seems likely to continue moving forward, regardless of if it happens right now or long into the future, is there a difference between how these three groups of people would tackle said project?

And how could their faith impact their actions?

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It happens to anyone who writes. For those who earn a living or simply one who writes simply because it’s something that they love to do. Like a octopus it seems like it will never let go once it’s locked on, and like a shark it’s ready to attack when you least expect it.

This voracious denizen of destruction and no little annoyance is called Writer’s Block! (WB)

Yeah that thing that rears it’s head when you least need it to, especially when you’re approaching a deadline. Often you’re writing merrily along not a care in the world and then                    !

That’s right,                 !

______ at all!

Nothing at all!

If you have notes they suddenly look like they’re written in Klingon, your imagination feels like a boring bomb just went off. This is entirely not like you, yet it happens to each and every one of us. And if it hasn’t…just you wait.

So here’s a few handy things you can do when beset by the dreaded WB blues.

  1. Do NOT Panic. Seriously don’t, panic gets you nowhere other than all the more frustrated that you are suffering from or through WB. Also if you are on a timeline you cannot afford to panic, if things have to be delivered to a schedule panic will just make things worse. You have to sit back and look at things objectively, contact the people who are waiting for your work and make sure they know what’s going on. Continue reading
The Terminator (soundtrack)

The Terminator (soundtrack) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s with a somewhat heavy heart that I write this official Terminator 5 news update as it means that I’ll no longer have to defend Ferris and Brancato on another Terminator script. Seriously though this news both excites me and bums me out since I spent a good deal of last year working on securing this very project.

However I’m also happy since that means Laeta Kalogridis  (Avatar/Shutter Island/Alexander) and Patrick Lussier (Wes Craven’s Dracula/My Bloody Valentine/Drive Angry (Writer and Director) are going to be the ones to receive any blow back from the fans if the film under performs.

It’s and interesting duo that’s for certain however I know that Terminator rights holder Megan Ellison isn’t into making stupid decisions. She is after all behind such awesome films as Zero Dark Thirty and The Master and is very serious about making great use of the Terminator name.

This is someone I fully trust to know what they’re doing.

Apparently the Laeta/Lussier was combo writing a SF original for David Ellisons’ Skydance Productions and was so impressed with it that he landed them the Terminator job.

More news as it breaks.

Ross Out.

There are a total of 7 people on the writing staff of Terminator: The Connor Chronicles (T:TCC) I think that’s a grand number, it’s also the number of perfection so I suggest we leave well enough alone on that point. However how does writing work with a seven person team, or to be more specific how does re-writing work?


Screenplay (Photo credit: Matt-Richards)

Let me share with you a few things that I took into my first re-write so that you can understand how the process works.

First of all while the latest update at the main page Terminator: The Connor Chronicles says that I’m the 2nd writer on the series, (and I do truly feel humbled by that), I am in fact the most recent hire. I’m coming into a project where we have first drafts written for 90 percent of the episodes, in other words other writers have poured their time, energy, effort, and writing skills into these scripts. Which leads to my first rule of rewriting especially of other peoples work.

Treat the draft with respect.

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This site now generally is a place for posting whatever movie/television/music news not to mention gaming videos that I

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Season 1

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Season 1 (Photo credit: halilgokdal)

find interesting or make myself. However one look at the title in the address bar reveals that the primary reason I made this blog was to talk and discuss Terminator related items and articles. I’m so very happy to be doing that again, as I’m pleased to announce that I was approached by a friend, and welcomed by a new friend to be part of Terminator: The Connor Chronicles (T:TCC)!

Some of you may be asking yourselves what is T:TCC. I will lightly touch upon a few things here but you can follow this link to find out much much more. Terminator: The Connor Chronicles!

  1. It’s a unofficial, non profit, CGI continuation of  Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles.
  2. Over 4o big time fans are hard at work to bring the universe back to life. 
  3. I am part of the writing team working hard to bring an excellent story line to tip top shape.

I’m currently hard at work writing a new draft of Episode 3 and it’s coming along very nicely indeed.

To say this was unexpected is an understatement, I knew very little about T:TCC through the first friend listed above before hand- as she mentioned in passing months ago that she was doing voice acting for a Terminator related project. I never once thought I would end up writing on said project, but I’ve very glad I am.

This year has been full of Terminator surprises and to be honest it’s a great way to cap off the year….though having a killer interview with Verizon this Thursday would make it even better.

So keep watching this space…within the next few days I’ll be writing a post about how I have approached re-writing on the project and there will be other articles in the future about Terminator: The Connor Chronicles.

Catch you on the flipside!


Way back in 1999 I with the help of a good friend released my Terminator fan script Terminator 3: Final Retribution (T3:FR)onto the internet. The site went through a number it iterations including hosting through two different services, a liquid metal logo animation, message boards and even a Future War set written Terminator RPG.

We advertised the script as…”The Fan script fit for the big screen!

You can still find on of the old sites on the internet to this day, it features artwork by another friend, Terminator short fiction and who knows you might even be able to still read the script online! If not you can download it from Terminator Files- They have absurdly detailed files! look under Scripts.

On top of that just like my inspiration in screenwriting Jim Cameron would draw artwork I also did some drawings as as part of the Digital Restoration Project I’m going to upload some artwork that I did around the time of the website release. So prepare to be Terminated by mediocre artwork as we travel back to 1999!

In T3:FR I wrote a direct follow up to Terminator 2: Judgment Day in which General Connor came back through time to protect himself and stop Skynet from two Automated Personell EXterminator Terminator units sent back through time by Skynet to kill off John Connor in the past. Here is a sketch of Apex One based on a certain actor.

"I am cold and unforgiving on the inside."

“I am cold and unforgiving on the inside.”

After the break meet his female counterpart and find more art from 1999’s Terminator 3: Final Retribution!
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My writers sense is tingling!

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Image via Wikipedia

Man I am so damned excited now if all things work out I’ll finally get to meet ZACK STENTZ!

Heck maybe…nah…well maybe…there I go thinking out loud again.

Zack wrote imho some of the very best episodes of T:SCC and he’s still writing for television and movies with writing partner ASHLEY MILLER.

Perhaps you saw a tiny movie called THOR or another little flick called X-Men First Class?

Yeah…that’s my dudes right there.

Don’t forget to check out The NoFateCon Website where you can find out more about this excellent event!

Go team SCC!

Ross Out

Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror

Image via Wikipedia

This is breaking as i only got to my e-mail today and foun a new news update from the awesome Steve Alten author of many books in his case focusing on the MEG series.

It seems he’s released a new E-Book called MEG: ORIGINS.

That’s kickass!

Here’s the trailer for the book…I can’t wait for the MEG movie to emerge from the Abyssal Plain that is Hollywood!

Congrats Steve thanks for keeping us up to date!

Ross Out!