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…long before Jurassic World! 

I remember walking out of the theater after seeing Jurassic Park III my mind practically on fire with where I as a fan and screenwriter would take the JP Franchise.

From my perspective I personally felt that the best option was, not surprisingly exactly what we’re getting, a soft reboot. There were certain things that I had enjoyed from the novels which had never made their way into any of the films, so I relished a re-read of the two novels. Once that was behind me I was faced with the problem of where to take the story, I wanted it to continue and I really felt that there was still at least one story which needed to be told.

A working theme park a fulfillment of John Parker Hammond’s dreams.

However I’m faced with a number of problems:

The greed assisted failure of the first film and The Ingen Incident in San Diego in the second and the events of JP III the third. How could a theme park come into existence through Ingen with such issues in the past? The answer to that problem was a simple in that it couldn’t, and that the books gave me something that the films largely avoided…another company that could: Biosyn!

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I am a huge Jurassic Park fan and I have been since I read the original way back when, was it really 1994 I honestly can’t remember when I first read it….I’ve enjoyed the films to differing degrees as well. The original Jurassic Park film was brilliant, The Lost World: Jurassic Park  much less so, and JP3 was a step back in the right direction IMHO.

Not long after JP3 I began to explore ideas for a further sequel and as a huge fan of the series I had to choose a story line that would do justice to the series in its entirety. There was a lot of back story in the books that was simply not touched and left to rot, like the majority of the Lost World novel, you have the rival biogenetics company BioSyn, you have a host of interesting characters and scenarios that could easily be explored to great effect. In effect there was a lot more to mine and build on to make a sequel that was fitting to the original.

In this first post for the Digital Restoration Project I’m going to share with you old art, and the story ideas behind my sequel idea for Jurassic Park 4…which I titled Jurassic Park: New Dawn.

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